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Family Favorite Crockpot Chicken & Beef Stew

Yields7 Servings

 1 ½ lbs Chunk beef
 2 Chicken Breast, sliced
 ½ Bag of Baby Carrots, sliced
 3 Stalks of Celery, sliced
 2 Garlic Cloves, chopped
 6 Baby Potatoes, chopped
 ½ cup Red Bell Peppers
 2 tsp Thyme, dried
 1 Yellow Onion, Medium
Canned Goods
 1 Can of Collard Greens
 1 Can of Tomato Paste
 4 cups Beef Broth
Baking & Spices
 ¾ tsp black pepper
 ¾ tsp Adobo seasoning
 ¾ tsp Roasted Garlic & Herb Seasoning
 1 ½ tsp Steak Seasoning
 ¼ cup Flour
 ½ tsp your preference of salt ( kosher, etc.)
 4 tsp Olive Oil,extra virgin
 3 cups Water

1. Add the beef broth to the slow cooker.


Coat the beef in the specified amount of flour. Season with 3/4 tsp of steak seasoning if desired. Place 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Cook until brown. If there is remaining beef to be cooked after your first batch is complete, add another 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil and repeat. Transfer all cooked beef to the slow cooker. I personally coated each right before placing it in the pan.


Add the remaining ingredients to the slow cooker. For our crockpot, I needed to add about 3 cups of water to make sure it'd be a full pot of stew. Add what's necessary to fill your slow cooker. Cook on LOW for 8 to 10 hours or until all meat is tender.


The chicken used for this recipe was left overs from a previous dinner meal prepared. If you're freshly making your chicken for this recipe, use the same cooking method as with the beef. Season with your preferred seasonings.


Serve your family and enjoy!

Stew Tips!

This is a recipe meant to last the day. I attempted to make this on High (4hrs) in the crockpot and we ended up ordering pizza for dinner while it finished cooking on low overnight. Trust me, put it on low from the beginning.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 1/2 cups

Servings 7

Amount Per Serving
Calories 330