What separates you from the person sitting next to you? What makes you different from the person attempting to walk down the same path as you? The answer is everything that you stand for. It is your reason for doing anything and everything that makes you different from anyone else.

So why A Pop of Life? What makes it different from every other lifestyle blog? Why did I create it?

I’m usually guilty of being the friend who walks to her own beat. For lack of a better phrase, I do what I want. Everyday I wake up and try my best to stay true to everything that I embody and stand for. If that makes me different or “weird”, then I chalk it up to those who just don’t understand. I’ve never seen anything that I wanted as unattainable or unrealistic. If something is out of my reach at right now, that just means I need to go back to the drawing board.

I want A Pop of Life to be for the women who also strive for authenticity with no ifs, ands, and buts. It is a place where you are pushed to go the extra mile. Do what makes you happy. Strive for whatever floats your boat.  It is my hope this blog helps you embrace yourself in every aspect of your life.


Bloggin' Mamas