Our Greatest Creation

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      May 27th, 2016A day of change. This day marked the beginning of a new chapter. It’s the reason my heart expanded. The reason our family grew. This day was the solidification of our love and the drive behind our new found purpose. On this beautiful day, we welcomed our son, Dominic Cameron Ivory.
       Already he has taught us life lessons and pushed our capabilities.  With that being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life isn’t always as you plan. As much as we would love to think we are in control, life tends to have the last say. Dominic wasn’t planned but he was more than welcome. This journey, my love Deric, and I have shared has shed light on the things in life with importance. To share this has been nothing short than a gift.
      Many people are probably like what the heck? When were you pregnant let alone when did you give birth? The secrecy probably will never be understood. That’s fine especially since it’s not anyone else’s choices besides those involved. I stand completely behind my choice to do what’s best for my life, my family, and my sanity. Often times as a young adult, there are many intrusions of opinions from loved ones and others on the way we “should” live our lives. This chapter in my life has been the catalyst for my autonomy and growth as an adult.
    Coming into my own, it is a continuous struggle to find myself, stand up for my choices, and create the lifestyle I’ve always desired. These past few months have allowed me to see I am not the only one battling this struggle at this stage in my life. This has been one of the primary motivations behind my choice to launch A Pop of Life. I wanted to start a community for female millennials that welcomed our desire to choose, take risks, and choose the path less taken. In a world created to make us question our choices and submit to everyone else, it is imperative that there are positive outlets for empowerment and encouragement.
     Here at A Pop of Life, I welcome the sassy, fearless, independent female millennial. This site will be the place where you will hear Yes You Can in every aspect of your life. You want to start a business ? Girl , we’ll support you. You want to try a new hairstyle? Let’s do the tutorial together. You want to embrace your ability to change your life to your liking? We can motivate each other. A Pop of Life will be the safe zone. It’s the place for complete authenticity for female millennials. While I embark on this new chapter within my family, I would love to start a chapter with you bad ass women as well. Let’s take control of our lives and find the blueprint to happiness together. Stay tuned for A Pop of Life’s official launch and the beginning of a turning point in sisterhood as we know it.



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