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Guess what we just did?

We moved….. AGAIN! Haha. No seriously, I think I’m officially becoming a pro at moving. I can’t even count off the top of my head the number of moves we’ve done since Dominic was born. As hectic as moving can be, decorating is definitely fun every time. I usually talk about moving from a military family viewpoint but this time I wanted to do a home blog post dedicated to new homeowners.

The beauty of owning your home is unlimited freedom to change and mold your new home to your personal decorating style. In an apartment or rented house, you can only do temporary changes to ensure no damage when it’s time to move out. But, owning your home allows you to try out larger projects such as DIY saw projects. Keep reading to learn about some great beginner-friendly DIY saw projects that new homeowners can fall in love with!

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5 DIY Saw Projects New Home Owners Will Love


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I absolutely love watching HGTV and the different home makeover shows. You ever noticed right before the ending of these shows, the host always recommends that one special project or piece of furniture is created to surprise the homeowners. The couple is always super ecstatic and it literally elevates every decor style that is used. Those are the kind of DIY projects I wanted to talk about today. It’s so much easier these days with power tools and some patience to create DIY projects for your home.

Wooden Balcony Bar Top

homeowner hacks, homeowner tips, new home ideas, homeowner diy projects, diy saw projects, diy projects for the home, home diy on a budget, remodeling on a budget, decor projects home

Credit: Created by A Gemini

Bars are such a perfect feature to add to your home if you’re big into entertaining or having guests over. They are the perfect place to make memories with your friends and family throughout the years. I came across this wooden balcony bar top that was absolutely adorable that I’d definitely love to do on my own. I can see this being decorated for a farmhouse/rustic decor style.

Bonus: The balcony bar top I came across was made specifically for small spaces.

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Wooden Headboard

Headboards can definitely run a pretty penny especially if you have a specific vision. The beauty of a wooden headboard is you’re able to do it yourself on a budget without sacrificing the quality of your decor vision. You can modify your wooden headboard to the level of difficulty you desire. Personally, I’d go with a bunch of detail. You can thankfully decide if you want a simplistic headboard or an intricate one and go to the next step from there.

Wooden Floating Shelves

There is just something so chic about floating shelves. First off, floating shelves are definitely functional due to all of the space it saves you. It also just looks amazing especially if you go the extra mile to stain the shelves. The beauty about doing it yourself is you can decide the exact shape and lengths you want your shelves to be. I’d recommend doing a bit of research on the shelves before you start to make sure you’re aware of the versatility of the possible styles.

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Wooden Garden Bench

I’ve been a garden lover ever since I moved to Georgia a few years back. There is nothing like sitting and watching the progress of your garden throughout the growing season. Trust me, it’s one of the most relaxing moments you will experience. Creating a garden bench will give you a stylish and functional piece of furniture to enjoy in your backyard ( or even your front yard).

Wooden Outdoor Sofa

An outdoor sofa is a great compliment to your backyard area. Even if you don’t create the backyard bar top mentioned earlier, there is so much versatility to creating your own wooden sofa. Just the pillows alone allow you to play with texture and prints. Creating your own wooden sofa allows you to bring an entertainment area to life that caters to your family and future guests. Every good hostess knows you can’t ever have too many seating options. Trust me, your guests will thank you for creating this DIY wooden outdoor sofa.

 Saw Trax + Scoop Dolly

If you don’t know where to get your power tools for these awesome projects, I’d definitely recommend Saw Trax. This company has been around for over 30+ years in the Georgia area perfecting the tools that it provides to its customer base. Their products are constantly evolving to ensure the needs of their customers are met. What I love about Saw Trax is its dedication to not only providing quality products but also superior customer service. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable — perfect for DIY beginners like new homeowners. Saw Trax also manufactures additional appliances like the Scoop Dolly which makes moving power tools easier. Before starting your next DIY home project, I’d definitely recommend reaching out to Saw Trax.

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5 DIY Saw Projects… Recap

DIY projects are so fun and versatile. There is so much wiggle room to adapt these DIY saw projects to the decor style you have selected for your home. Sometimes we get so caught up in perfecting results that we lose the fun of the process. Make sure that you have a little fun and enjoy the process of adding these unique projects to your home to make it your own.


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