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Let’s be honest. Moving is far from fun. This is especially harder when you’re moving your family across the country. For military families, this happens more often than anyone would like. I’ve moved every year for the past five years. Four of those moves were long distances across the country. Trust me, these moves were far from easy. But, you do what you have to do and make sure everything gets done. Here are a few long-distance moving tips that have helped me over the years.

5+ Long Distance Moving Tips For Military Families


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Start Early!

I know long-distance moves ( especially military moves) are far from perfect. Ideally, you would want all the necessary information with enough time to plan everything out at your convenience. Anyone that’s in the military or married to a military member knows that the military rarely works like that. The best thing you can do is do the best you can with the information you have. With that being said, I’d recommend you start getting prepared as soon as you can.

Pack Your To-Go Suitcases Early

There’s no way that you can pack everything you’ll need during travel before you’re ready to go. Items that you use on a daily like cosmetics will have to remain unpacked until the final days you’re ready to go. But, I’ve learned that it helps to get the bulk of your to-go suitcases packed in the beginning. You don’t know how many times that I was ready to pack my to-go suitcases and realized that what I was looking for was already packed away in a box that no one could recall. Save yourself the hassle and pack what you’ll need on the road.

Ex. I’m like the queen of yoga pants and my son loves traveling in comfy sweats. I make sure to put a good number of each aside in our traveling bags. The last thing you want is to be stressing last minute or wasting money trying to replace what you already own that has been packed away.

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Pack Room by Room

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pack one room at a time. During my last move, I packed rooms like our dining room and guest room first. These rooms weren’t apart of our day-to-day routines and kept the “moving mess” out of sight. I struggle with anxiety sometimes and that last thing I’d like to see is a house filled with half-packed boxes and no order every time I want to go relax or spend time with my son.

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Secure Your New Place/ Lodging Arrangements

Depending on the amount of time you have, secure your next home or at least your lodging arrangements at your destination. If you have family or friends in the area of your new location, see if you can coordinate walk-throughs via video chat at the homes you’re interested in.

I like to see the homes I like in person. You’d be surprised how different places can look from pictures online on apps like Trulia in comparison to the actual place in real life. For the military moves, I book a hotel for a few days in our new city to give time to see places in person. Make sure you are budgeting for any delays just in case you can’t move in as soon as possible. You will save more money the earlier you book arrangements.

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Make Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements necessary for long-distance moves can vary depending on where you’re moving, how long, etc.


When my husband went on deployment years back, we had to pack our house up and put it all in storage as we would be returning the next year. Our family had to coordinate storage places, a moving company in the area, and travel expenses for both of us.

Car Relocation

Are you traveling by place or doing a good old-fashioned road trip? Families with more than one car may have to ship additional cars to their new home. Factor this into your travel arrangements in advance. Cars are far from cheap to ship so you need to plan and shop around for reputable companies.

Travel Routes and Time Length

If you’re flying, this will be straightforward. You’ll just do your travel arrangements like a typical vacation.

If you’re doing a road trip, planning will be a bit more complicated. Plan out your travel route first. From there split the trip into a realistic time length depending on your driving capabilities. I can typically drive 10 hours per day before I start to get tired. This would be factored into my time length. Budget for meals, tolls, and gas.

Car Maintenance (Optional)

This part is obviously for the road trip folks. I never get on the road without my car being checked and ensuring nothing needs to be replaced. The last thing you want is for a tire to go out or your oil engine light to come up while traveling to your new place with your whole family in the car. Be proactive and add this to your moving checklist. Most people forget minor things like this but it’s extremely important for the family’s safety and budget.

Make the move fun!

Add a mini-vacation before or after your move if possible. Trust me, it does wonders for the little ones and for your peace of mind too. During our move from New York to Texas, I planned a route that went through all of the cities I’ve been meaning to visit on the way. Rather than take the fastest route which went through the Midwest, I chose a route that went through the East coast then through the South. We visited Washington, D.C., Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston before our final stop. To date, this hectic move ended up becoming one of my favorite trips because of the vacation we added to the move.

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“5+ Long Distance Moving Tips..” Recap

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Moving across town is hard. Planning a long-distance move across the country or even across the world is complicated. There is no such thing as a perfect move. Even the most organized person will still come across delays during the moving process. If you ever feel overwhelmed, call in the professionals to take the stress off. Gameday Moving Services has professionals to help you with anything you need! This Athens long-distance moving business not only can help you with trucking your family across the country but also move in your elders, clean up after a move or even dismantle and assemble furniture. Moving day is hard enough. Use these long distance moving tips I’ve provided to ease the stress of your upcoming move. Prepare and stay positive and you’ll be able to tackle long-distance moving trips with no problem!

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