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Boy, I definitely don’t miss the days when I had to worry about financial aid and securing scholarships for school as a college student. There are so many resources that sometimes it can be overwhelming especially if you haven’t chosen a major yet. I personally chose undeclared which gave me the freedom to take classes from a variety of programs. You may be different and have known what you’ve wanted to go to school for since you were 5( dramatic much, haha). Either way, you’re ready to make sure you have the ability to choose your college path and secure the scholarships necessary to afford each opportunity. That’s great! This is a major step. The next step is researching the options available to you as a college student in need of scholarships for women.

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3 Ways to Find Scholarships for Women Empowerment


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Reach out to Your Guidance Counselor/Mentor

I remember while I was in school (note: this was YEARS ago haha), my guidance counselor would tell us about scholarship opportunities that I haven’t seen anywhere online. The scholarships would be specific such as a $10,000 one-time scholarship for females that promote women empowerment. The schools were informed of these opportunities, but these scholarships were rarely made known to students otherwise. Speak with your mentor and let them know your college plans. Be sure to make sure that you guys are searching for scholarships specific to your year, ex. sophomore. As this is their specialty, your mentor would be able to find you scholarships for women that suit the time frame, major, and financial needs specific to your college journey.

Check Your Favorite Brands and Businesses

Businesses love to give back to the community which includes providing scholarships to college students. Most people overlook following up with their favorite brands to see if scholarships are a part of the company’s community outreach. For example, Coca Cola gave scholarships away to the community when I was back in school. I won’t pretend to know the specifics of their scholarship application process. But, it’s a great place to start. Make a list of 10 of your favorite major brands to follow up for scholarship opportunities.

Don’t forget to make note of small businesses in your community that may be giving back. Applying to scholarship opportunities from small businesses in your community may increase your chances as it’d be a smaller applicant pool. On the other hand, I want you to make a list of 10 known small businesses in your community that may be giving back. Perform the same research process regarding scholarship opportunities.

Find Targeted Scholarships For Women

Some scholarships are for specific demographics and disciplines. There is a misconception that selecting a discipline or disclosing your demographics limits the number of scholarships that you can qualify for. On the other hand, this may increase your chances with select scholarships. For example, let’s say you are an African American female majoring in Chemistry. There may be an influx of scholarships specific to your characteristics to increase the amount of African American females in the field. The same could be said for scholarships seeking to reward women empowerment, academic excellence, and so forth.

Nancy Etz

It isn’t uncommon for successful women in their respective industries to give back and provide opportunities (including scholarships) to younger women following in their footsteps. Nancy Etz is no different. She’s a successful entertainment agent that represents some of the world’s most well-known artists, writers, and more. Nancy Etz scholarships provide financial rewards to qualified students ultimately inspiring motivation and empowerment in younger women. If you know of any exceptional young women seeking college aid, a great place to start is with the Nancy Etz scholarship. She even goes as far as to recommend other scholarships that focus on women empowerment.

“3 Ways to Find Scholarships” Recap

It is important to ensure that the younger generation has the necessary knowledge and access to financial resources for higher education. I won’t pretend the application process for scholarships is easy. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But, scholarships for women can be a great way to cover educational expenses and even network with successful people within your industry. Feel free to do more research on your own into scholarships that apply to your demographics and discipline.

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