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Owning a home has to be one of my top life goals. Well, I’d honestly like to own a bunch of homes. Baby steps though, right? haha. It’s definitely not easy to purchase a home especially with the frequent moves of the military lifestyle. One of the primary worries of purchasing a home while being a military family is knowing that you may not be able to sell your home or get your money’s worth by the time you get PCS orders. As risky as it may seem, owning a home as a military family has a bunch of advantages. Keep reading if you’re willing to take a chance and ready to learn how to save for a house down payment.

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5 Creative Ways To Save For A House Down Payment


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There are so many ways to purchase a home which affects the amount of money you need to save for a house down payment. While everyone’s goal amount may be different, we all need to start somewhere. I’d like to start with the creative no brainer ways to save that can give you a head start. Quarantine during this pandemic is definitely hitting hard on everyone. It’s best to focus on the things we can control and take care of. Saving for your house down payment could be one of the productive tasks to start during quarantine in preparation for your future.

Start A Blog

Being a blogger can be an awesome source of additional income. You can learn to blog in a very short amount of time with few start-up costs. A Blog has the potential to bring in consistent passive income that you will be able to add to your house down payment savings. This is the perfect time to start a blog because you have the time to fully devote to the foundation of the blog to ensure it’ll continue to make money long after it’s creation. Here’s all you need to learn about the must-have tools to start a blog.

Join Ridesharing and Delivery Companies

Becoming an Uber driver or doing deliveries for apps like UberEats and Doordash are great ways to earn income for your savings. You’ll be able to control your schedule to ensure you save at your convenience. This flexibility is great for those who have limited free-time such as parents, essential workers, and more. From what I can tell, it’s pretty easy to get started with these opportunities. Requirements like in-state license, auto insurance, and a car are some of the simple criteria needed.

Sell Unwanted Valuables

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You’d be surprised how much money is sitting in your junk drawer or your garage. I’m what my husband would probably consider a hoarder. While I’m a far cry from the hoarders you see on television, I definitely can appreciate the ability to save and think ahead. This is especially important as a military wife. We move so much that the items we buy become redundant. Instead of buying the same items every few years, I find it’s best to just pack it away until we need it. The same goes for personal belongings such as jewelry.

Go through all of your belongings or even maybe some of your family member’s unwanted junk and sell it for cash. I personally recommend Chapes-JPL if you find yourself in the Atlanta area. This reputable business will ease any fears you have about high-interest rates or predatory practices. They’ve been providing loans in exchange for valuable jewelry and high-value assets for over 40+ years. Chapes-JPL has interest rates as low as 3% and prides themselves on their professionalism. If you’re looking to sell rolex watch in Atlanta or pretty much any old valuables, this is the place to entrust.

Cut Back On Expenses

I can’t tell you the amount of money my family has saved just by routinely cutting back on our expenses. Sometimes, we are so quick to sign up for new memberships and subscriptions unaware that $10/per month here and there adds up. Go through your expenses and cut what isn’t necessary or what’s no longer useful to your family. You can take this a step further and allocate the amount you’ve cut to add to your savings. For example, let’s say you cut your cable bill ($100), your UberEats pass ($10), and your Six flags membership ($20). That’s $130 you just freed up from your monthly expenses. Don’t add this back to your spending budget. Set an automatic transfer of $130 to your savings.

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Meal Prep Your Family Meals

You’re probably thinking “What in the world does this have to do with anything”? Hear me out. Going out to restaurants, ordering take out and grabbing lunch during your breaks can really add up. So much money can be saved if you just commit to a no spending period and only meal prep at home. Make a list of your favorite take out meals and what you need for your day-to-day. Purchase those items on your next grocery trip and learn to create these meals at home. Spending an extra $100 on your next grocery trip will save your budget the couple of hundreds you probably spend on ordering out. I’m not saying this won’t be an inconvenience and take up some of your time. But, trust me your wallet will thank you in the long run.

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“Save For A House Down Payment” Recap

These are just some small ways to give your down payment savings a start. There’s nothing preventing you from trying more than one way to save. Get creative and try to think outside the box. I know for certain I’ll be glancing over our budget this month to make sure we’re on track for all of our financial goals.

Know of any other ways to start to save for a house down payment?

Comment below! I’d love to hear your stories.

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