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Unless you’re stuck under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed spring is here. The weather is getting nicer and the sun is shining longer. One of my favorite things about springtime is that my house fills with sunlight from morning to night. With the house looking so bright these days, it’s a must that I update the spring home decor to match the sunny days ahead. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering about the latest trends to spruce up the house this year. Keep reading to learn about the ways you can modernize your home for spring.

5 Ways to Modernize Your Home For Spring

There are so many ways to prep your house for spring. Some ways more extravagant than others but all perfect for the spring season. Let’s start with flooring.

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Wood flooring is perfect for the spring season. They are sleek and represent everything modern (in my opinion of course lol). There’s nothing like seeing the contrast between the light and airy spring style and wood flooring. The decor style is welcoming and perfect to accompany a nice spring evening with a glass of wine. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite decor looks. With the weather getting warmer, wood flooring is perfect to keep the house cooler. It doesn’t retain heat like carpet does which ensures that your electricity bill will remain low in the coming months. With spring being the start of allergy season, wood flooring is the best alternative to reduce allergens like dust.

If you’re thinking about adding wood flooring to your spring decor, I recommend the company, Brazilian Wood Depot. This brand uses sustainable cumaru decking which is naturally insect resistant. The beauty of wood flooring is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use this specific wood flooring to modernize your deck for the spring as well! Talk about a win/win! Your home and backyard can get a major style upgrade with the installation of wood flooring. Take a look at Brazilian Wood Depot’s Cumaru Decking if you’re thinking about renovating your backyard this spring.


Did I tell you that the inspiration for A Pop of Life was the common phrase “a pop of color“? It would be an understatement to say that I’m absolutely a fan of adding some color to any and everything. Your interior paint color should be no different. Throw some beautiful spring colors on your walls to modernize your home for the spring. Blush, bright blues, and camel are some of the trending interior paint colors for SPRING 2020. Whether you want to paint the whole room, one wall, or even just half a wall, you’re sure to be on trend for this spring season.


Wall art is one the easiest ways to transition your home between seasons. When choosing wall art for your spring decor style, I’d recommend you choose options that fall in the light and bright categories. Anything white, clean and crisp would also be a beautiful addition to your current decor style. Typically, my house has a base decor style of black and one other color depending on the room. For example, our living room is black and gold themed. For the spring, I’ve incorporated white to lighten the decor theme to fit the spring season. Our wall art for the season will focus more on the lighter color from our color scheme to make sure our home is on-trend for the season.


You’d be surprised how much some new bedding and throws throughout the house can bring your home to life. If you’re trying to only do minor changes to update your home for the season, this is one of those changes that go a long way. A new bedding set with new throw pillows can make your room look like spring as soon as you walk in. I love to find trendy bedding sets within my budget during major holidays to benefit from any holiday sales going on. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and personal style for your budget.

Throw blankets and throw pillows make your home look cozy and warm which is perfect for spring. I’d recommend bright colors like coral and teal for your throw pillows to add a pop of color. Choose a lighter fabric for your spring throw blankets to make sure that you will be prepared for any temperature changes this spring. As much as it breaks my heart, you may not want to choose a thick fur throw blanket for your spring decor this year. Trust me, your electricity bill will thank you!


We have officially arrived at my favorite part of home decor. I can’t tell you the number of times that I was bored with my current home decor and purchased a few home accents to give my home a makeover. Home accents are essential to tying together whatever decor theme you’ve selected. For the spring, florals are your friend. Adding something as simple as faux flowers to your favorite vase can get your home ready for spring. Or you can incorporate florals by purchasing a flower-shaped accent like a mirror or bookend. Whichever spring home accent your choose, it definitely is essential to finishing off your home makeover for spring.

“Modernize Your Home For Spring” Recap

Spring is my favorite season. This could be because of my birthday, my son’s birthday and even my marriage anniversary all happening during this season. Or maybe it’s because I am obsessed with florals. Who knows? But, I know I’ve already started to get my home ready for spring to make the most of the season change. How do you plan to modernize your home for spring? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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