The hardest part to accept about my postpartum body has been my stubborn belly fat. I have to be honest with you guys. I’ve never had to lose weight a day in my life before having my son Dominic. Gosh, I wish I would have appreciated my college days more. Being able to drink alcohol, eat carbs, and stuff my face with any and every craving without gaining weight was definitely ahmazing! My diet looked like everything you’re not supposed to eat but yet I squeezed into a small with no issue. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I don’t look 4 months pregnant while wearing a large. Hence, my new goal to finally lose belly fat that’s two years overdue.


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Bye Bye Belly Fat for Moms

Losing weight and getting rid of belly fat is definitely becoming one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. Well, that is beside the obvious major moments in my life like bringing a child into this world and trying to survive toddler terrible twos. Trying to lose belly fat is definitely up there in that category though. I’d say the major tool to weight loss is consistency. Sadly, I’m HORRIBLE at consistency. No really, I have no discipline when working it comes to consistency. My stubborn belly fat from my pregnancy two years ago is definitely proof of this. Trying to lose belly fat will definitely force me to learn.

“Lose Belly Fat” Regimen

  • Wear waistband at least two hours every day
  • HIIT workout 3x a week w/ sweat cream and seran wrap under the waistband.
  • Drink detox tea every day
  • Clean eating diet. ( no bread, sweets, juice or soda, fried foods, rice, etc.)
  • Monitor my calorie consumption (try to keep calories low)
  • Keep portions smaller than usual
  • Only 1 or 2 cheat days on the weekend

Month 1 Update

Remember when I told you that I suck at consistency? I wasn’t lying. Month 1 started off pretty great. I was super excited about finally deciding to lose this baby weight. I purchased only healthy groceries, upped my water intake, started having protein smoothies after my HIIT workouts ( like the people at the gym haha) and cut out all fast food and junk food. Oh yeah, I cut out alcohol as well which says a lot because mama loves herself a good glass of wine or a strong margarita. That lasted all of two weeks then it got really tough.

In my case, my personal life started to affect my desire to lose weight. I still wanted to but there was just so much going on that I had to break a few of my regimen rules. By the end of month  1, I definitely had more than one cheat day a week, needed to have a drink every now and then, and got lazy with my workouts in the last week. Considering my history with diets, I consider month 1 a success nonetheless.

What I Learned About Losing Weight

I’ve tried the keto diet before, tried strict healthy eating, and so much more. I’m starting to think each of those attempts failed because I was too hard on myself. The minute I fell off or didn’t feel the urge to stick to it, I’d just give up totally. This was so unrealistic especially since this is my first time having to lose real weight in my life. If you don’t learn anything from my losing weight post, I hope you remember to never give up and always bounce back! Trust me, consistency is your best friend.

“Lose Belly Fat” Comment & Exchange

Was it hard to lose weight after your baby? Any tips on how to lose belly fat fast? Trust me, I’m all ears.I’m pretty much willing to try any and everything to get rid of this stubborn belly fat.

Until next time…..

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