Last night was the first time I had any kind of self-care in months. It’s rare that I actually need or even feel like getting dolled up ever since I became a stay-at-home mom. Getting dolled up feels like work these days. I thought it was unnecessary but I’m learning it’s so important as a mom (especially a SAHM) to have consistent self-care habits. So last night, I gave my hair a long overdue wash, had a facial cleanser, and experienced a foot mask for the first time. This all inspired this post as I’m sure there are a bunch of moms out there that’d appreciate self-care stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Beauty Self Care Stocking Stuffers Under $15


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There are so many different kinds of self care stocking stuffers to gift your coworkers, family members, and friends. You can purchase face care products, hair care products, nail products, skincare, and soooo much more. I was in the TJ Maxx aisle last night when it dawned on me how much I’ve neglected my upkeep since having my son. I used to do my hair every night while wearing a face mask and painting my nails. The beauty industry has come a LONG way since I’ve last cared about how I look.  If you know any moms like myself that could really use some pampering even if it’s only at home, then be sure to keep reading.

Gift Sets Stocking Stuffers



Bath & Body Stocking Stuffers


Mani & Pedi Stock Stuffers





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Hair Care Stocking Stuffers



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When’s the last time you’ve practiced self care? Is pampering the way you like to recharge and relax? Comment below!


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  1. Self care is so important and gifting it is such a wonderful thing to do. I love the prices of all of these products. It makes it easy to buy several!

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