I haven’t had a girls’ night in forever. Well, it feels like forever! I’ve been traveling back and forth across the country for months. There just hasn’t been any time.  Does that sound familiar? If so, now’s the time!

The holidays are the perfect time to regroup and catch up with your girls. I’ve put together the must-haves for your holiday girls’ night in that is guaranteed to put your “grinchiest” girlfriend in the holiday mood. Everything from what you wear to the cookware you use to create your recipes to even the games you choose to play will be mentioned in this holiday girls’ night in guide.

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Everything You Need For Your Holiday Girls’ Night In


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Let’s start with what you are going to wear. You can never go wrong with having a PJ’s dress code for your holiday girls’ night in. But, just in case I’ll include some cute outfits to fit the holiday themed.



Holiday Themed Pajamas

Being able to re-wear the pajamas numerous times before and on Christmas Day is a great benefit of having a pajamas dress code for your holiday girls’ night in. I have to fess up to something really quick. I’m definitely the kind of girl that wears her holiday pajamas all year around. Onesies are hands down my favorite kind of holiday pajamas. They are so comfy and the holiday theme makes me happy every time I look at it.

Holiday Looks



The first few options are for those super big into dressing for the holidays. Everyone may not be into wearing reindeers on their clothes but for the festive gals, here are a few options.



These looks are for a more of an official holiday girls’ night in. I know sometimes I like to dress up even if we know we’ll just be in the house. This is especially important for stay at home moms like me. We don’t always have the free time to go out to restaurants or clubs. So, our living room ends up being the backdrop to all of the cute outfits we’ve been dying to wear.

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Wine Glasses

Every girls’ night in needs drinks. Well, each of mine has drinks overflowing. haha! Whether you like drinking or not, be sure your girls are drinking joy out of your glasses with these festive wine glasses. My favorite has to be the “Drink Up Grinches” glasses ( keep scrolling right to see that one). That phrase is perfect for my group of gals and myself especially.


Serving Dishes/ Cookware

Kate Spade is easily becoming one of my favorite brands for dishware. Don’t get me wrong. I will rock a Kate Spade purse in a heartbeat. But, it’s just something about the brand’s dishware that is so modern and chic. I have yet to see any of their designs that I didn’t like or want in my kitchen. Whatever look you’re going for when planning your holiday girls’ night in, holiday festive is definitely a must for your serving dishes.


Party Games

Some of the best girls’ nights have party games to break the ice. This was especially important as a military wife meeting new wives at weekly girls’ nights.  Everyone is there to have a good time and relax but party games make it that much easier to speed the process up if everyone isn’t already friends.

“Holiday Girls’ Night In” Comment & Engage

Have you ever hosted a holiday girls’ night in? How about been to one? How did it go? What was your favorite part? Comment below!

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