Do you know what makes trying to lose baby weight harder than it already is? Trying to lose stubborn baby weight during the holidays! I’m really starting to think I’m a glutton for punishment. Even more so because my baby weight has been here since my son’s birth over two years ago! Crazy, right? Either way, I no longer want to push off my weight loss for another day, season, year, holiday, break-through, etc. Likely, I’m only losing a few pounds during this holiday season because of all the cooking. Progress is progress though, right?

Anywho, I thought I’d switch it up from your typical “how I plan to lose weight” post and change it into how I plan to avoid holiday weight gain. Gaining weight during the holidays would definitely be counterproductive to my weight loss goals.

Keep reading to learn what I’ve already begun to implement and tips to avoid holiday weight gain that’ll go into effect VERY soon for myself and hopefully you too!

Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain From A SAHM

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Vitamins and Supplements Are Your Friends

This is especially important for people like me that are still a “work in progress” with the commitment and dedication of healthy living requires. There are days when the only good thing I did towards my weight loss goals is to take my weight loss supplements. I won’t sit here and pretend to know the details about what’s best or which you should take. I’ll just let you know that I’m currently taking Super HD Ultimate Thermogenic Fat Burner & Weight Loss Supplement. Trust me, anything I mention in this post is something I bought with my own money and actually believe in. This specific one also has caffeine and natural metabolism boosters. Overall, it’s not only given me energy but I’ve already noticed a difference in my body and abilities since I started last week.

As a stay at home mom that also works from home, it’s SUPER hard to have any energy to do anything. Plus, it’s shivering cold in NYC right now which doesn’t make me want to move any more than I already do. These have worked miracles for me in all honesty. Whatever you choose, do research and find supplements or vitamins that will keep your body on track even when you are binge eating during the holidays.

Get Clothing Or Equipment That Will Give You Extra Support & Results

This could be anything from high waist leggings that offer tummy control to waist trainers to keep your tummy working during your daily movement such as running errands. For example, my husband wears specific workout gear that aids in his workouts and helps him achieve his goals faster. I recently started wearing a waist trainer ( not those cheap ones). I don’t think there is anything wrong with those cheaper waist trainers. In the case of the holiday season, using certain clothing and equipment will take your healthy living the extra mile to help counter any guilty binge eating you may do during the holidays.

But for a novice like myself that is still working on exercising more frequently, I had to invest in one of the big dogs. I wear a Jsculpt waist trainer that I bought a couple of weeks back. I’ve been watching this brand since I had my son but couldn’t work up the nerve to spend that much on a waist trainer. After seeing multiple real-life results with great reviews, I knew I had to just suck it up and spend the money. Girl, it’s been great since! I already feel and see the difference in combination with my weight loss pills.

Choose Healthy Alternatives

I know what you’re thinking. Why pretend if the meal is already unhealthy? Well, that’s how my husband thinks. He swears it doesn’t make a difference if I use wheat pasta to cook our vodka penne. But, I say everything counts! This holiday you’ll probably be stuffing your face left and right. Which you should! I know I will. But, try to make healthy choices where possible. This could be as simple as drinking more water, substituting ingredients, modifying a recipe to increase your veggie intake, etc. etc.

Add Movement To Family Quality Time

Take a walk after dinner with the family and catch up on what’s new. Go outside and throw the ball around before you sit down for your holiday meal. Maybe try hiking on your next free weekend. Depending on whatever your fitness level is, just try to incorporate more movement into your everyday life. I’m far from fit so I added a daily walk or two every day with the dog just to make sure I don’t become a couch potato this holiday season. It’s already hard on my body being a stay-at-home mom so I can’t afford to make it any harder with holiday weight gain. Choose whatever floats your boat but just try to move around more to ensure you burn some extra calories during the holiday season.

Drink WAY More Water

If your holiday menu is filled with carbs and alcohol like mine is, you’ll want to increase your water intake. Hydration is important to flush waste out and also helps with your metabolism. The last thing you want this holiday season is to feel and look bloated. Avoid this and holiday weight gain by making sure you stay hydrated.

“Avoid Holiday Weight Gain” Comment & Engage

Do you plan on implementing any healthy changes for the holiday season? Are you worried about having to avoid holiday weight gain? Comment below and let’s discuss!


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