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I’m a girly girl — all the way. Sneakers are rarely ever on my radar. I personally rather a pair of cute heels or sandals. Like, can you really ever have too many? ( The answer is no if you didn’t know LOL) Yet, there are times you have to wear some comfortable shoes but still need them to match your style. This is where fashion sneakers come into play. Super stylish + comfortable enough to get you through your vacation trips. Fashion Sneakers for travel are definitely a must for your next summer vacation.

If I could, I’d always be the girl doing the most and just being EXTRA fabulous! I couldn’t help it even if I wanted to. With that being said, it’s only right that my fashion sneakers for travel are just as fab & extra. Every once in a while, I come across a really cute pair. So, I thought I’d share with you all of the fashion sneakers I’m super obsessed with right now.

Keep reading to see which fashion sneakers for travel you need this 2018.

15 Summer Fashion Sneakers For Travel You Need To See


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My curiosity to find fashion sneakers started last month. I walked into Call it Spring and right in front of me is a HUGE sign saying  40% off clearance sale. I always check clearance everytime I go into a store. You never know what gems you’d find for dirt cheap. Take 40% off of that and I’m in heaven.

I stumbled on these absolutely adorable black fashion sneakers that were SO comfortable. When I’m on the road or going on long trips, I need something just like these. So I had to buy it.  Now I’m looking for even cuter ones. Which are your favs from the ones I chose below?! Comment now.


Fashion Sneakers For Travel In Order from First to Last:


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  1. Yasss! Sneakers! I love the casual chic look a good pair of sneakers gives an outfit (I have a very similar pair to the pink Vans you’ve linked here). A Nice mix of splurges and inexpensive options here, girl. 🙂 x

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