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I’m far from a fan of cleaning. Daily cleaning is one thing. But, spring cleaning is on another level.

If only our houses could clean themselves, am I right?

A self-cleaning house is definitely something I dream about everytime its time to do the dishes or mop. Don’t get me started on when I have to clean our tiled shower. In reality, it’s up to us to get our house cleaning down pact.  I may have to clean but no one said I couldn’t make it as easy as possible.

Spring cleaning does leave the house feeling a bit freer if I might add. These cleaning hacks are easy and effective — something we all could benefit from when it’s time to clear out the winter hoarding we may have built up after being cooped up in the house.

Spring Cleaning: 25 DIY Cleaning Hacks That You’ll Want To Know


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Spring Cleaning For The Kitchen

Cleaning Window Tracks

Credit: The Intentional Mom

Okay, where does the dirt in the window tracks come from really? It builds up the most stubborn dirt but how much are we really touching our windows to build that kind of dirt? Luckily, The Intentional Mom knows a trick or two to get this together easily. With everyday items like vinegar, baking soda, a toothbrush, and an old rag, your window tracks can look like her “After” picture in no time!

Full Details On Trick Here

Clean Stubborn Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

Credit: Hunker.com

Okay, cabinet grease has to be one of my pet peeves around the home. I absolutely hate when I’m packing dishes away or cooking and catch a glimpse of excessively built up grease on kitchen cabinets. I’m always tempted to get a Lysol wipe or some soap and water and get to scrubbing. The folks over at Hunker.com came up with a bunch of ways to clean the kitchen grease off your kitchen cabinets no matter how dirty.

Get the scoop here.

Cleaning The Awfully Dirty Oven Glass — (And You Don’t Even Need Chemicals)

Credit: Polished Habitat

My oven glass gets dirty from both the inside and the outside. Dominic loves to place his fingerprints all over the outside of the glass and my constant cooking leaves grime on the inner side of the glass. I’ll definitely be needing the Polished Habitat‘s hack on cleaning the glass without using chemicals.

Get the scoop here.

Clean & Polish Your Stainless Steel Sink

Credit: Caroline Vencil

I love when all of the dishes are cleaned and finally out of my sink. It’s the only chance I get to finally to clean the sink properly so it actually looks like there’s a stay at home mom living in the house. If you want to get your stainless steel sink spic and span, you’ll want to visit the Caroline Vencil blog to get the hack and learn a few more “green cleaning” hacks.

Get the scoop here.

Clean & Deodorize The Microwave

Credit: Today’s Creative Life

You never really see how dirty your microwave gets until its the kind of dirty that you’d be embarrassed of if company came over. Oh, wait… is that just me? With the help of the folks over at Today’s Creative Life, I can use items like apple cider vinegar and lemons to get my microwave dirt under control.

Get the scoop here.

Spring Cleaning For The Bedroom

Remove the Yellow Stains From Your Pillows

Credit: One Good Thing

Usually I just purchase new pillows when the old ones start looking a lot like mustard. I may be able to save my money with this hack over at One Good Thing.

Sleep on pearly white pillows with the hack here.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Credit: Buzzfeed

I’m so happy we don’t have carpet in our new home. It such a hassle keeping carpet especially light colored carpet cleaned. I don’t miss those days. Luckily, for all those with carpet throughout the house. You’ll now be able to get those pesky stains out of your carpet with must-haves such as peroxide and dish detergent.

Get the full scoop here.

Whiten Your Mattress & Renew Its Color

Credit: One Crazy House

You could use the best mattress toppers and covers you could find but living with a toddler definitely destroys your mattress. Our mattress is in pretty good condition considering how long we have had it Yet. I’d be lying if I said it was stain free. Dominic has peed on it a time or two during his far in between naps on our bed. Remove your mattress shame and whiten your mattress thanks to our friends over at One Crazy House.

Get the Scoop Here.

Spring Cleaning For The Bathroom

Cleaning The Shower Drain

Credit: TODAY

Vinegar seems to be a MUST for any deep cleaning you want to do this spring. Add a touch of baking soda and you’ll be in the business of having clean shower drains. You could also use this hack for your sink, makeup brushes and more.

Learn more and spring clean your home here.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Toilet With The Cutest Cleaning Bombs

Credit: Pretty Providence

Uughh, having a man in the house always leaves your toilet a hot mess! I grew up in a mostly girl house. There was definitely an adjustment to my cleaning schedule once I got married. The toilet is a primary adjustment.  Pretty Providence has come up with these adorable fizzy cleaning bombs to clean your bathroom. Think of them as bath bombs for your toilet!

Find your Toilet Bombs Here.

Get The Sparkle Back in Your Sink Handles

Credit: What’s Up Fagans

You know that annoying gunk that may build up under your sink handles? What’s Up Fagan’s dishes on a hack with a screwdriver and Qtips that’ll put the shine back in your sink handles.

Here’s how to sparkle your sink handles.

Remove the Black Mold From Your Shower Caulking

Credit: Whats Up Fagan

Okay, I have a bit of a story. Don’t worry I’ll keep it short. Bear with me. The home we chose after traveling down the East Coast to Texas has a master bedroom with an all white tiled standing shower. It was just finished before we moved into the home. I thought I’d be totally in love with it. Lawd was I wrong?! It has become the biggest pain in my butt to clean because literally just a crack in the caulk makes the whole shower look dirty. I’ll definitely be trying What’s Up Fagans hack to remove the black mold.

Remove Your Pesky Black Mold Here.

Spring Cleaning For The Living Room

Remove Tough Stains From Your Couch

Credit: Living Well Mom

The older Dom gets, the more time I spend removing stains around the house. Sadly, our couch suffers the most. You’d be surprised how many surfaces a toddler’s dirty hands touches. Living Well Mom has a great hack to remove those tough stains that haunt you everytime you look at your couch.

Get the scoop on removing your tough couch stains.

Spring Cleaning For The Linen Closet

Get the Mildew out of Your Towels

Credit: 101 Days of Organization

While I haven’t had issues yet with our towels, I know how time-consuming it can be to maintain your linen closet. For those experiencing issues with their towels, get the low down on removing the mildew smell from towels. 101 Days of Organization gives the deets on this spring cleaning hack.

Remove that pesky mildew from your towels here.

Spring Cleaning For Your Laundry Room

Credit: The Arty Soul

Appliances are definitely due for maintenance from time to time. The washing machine is no different. The Arty Soul is ready to get your washing machine together and make all of the mold in your washing machine disappear. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

Magically remove the mold from washing machine here.


Alright Now, Time To Get Cleaning!

I sincerely hope you found more than a few hacks that you’ll be able to put into action this spring for your spring cleaning routines. I know my house will need one or two of these before we move out….. Download the spring cleaning hacks checklist with the link at the top of the page. Perfect to keep you on track!

Quick Life Update

Oh wait, did I not mention the news? As a military wife, it’s no secret that the husbands get deployed from time to time. This being my first deployment I’ve decided to go back home to my family in NYC ( hey y’all!). I just thought it’d be best to spend the summer in NYC, let Dominic get to know my family, and be around those that love me during such a taxing time. Be ready to get to see me explore NYC and have a blast while doing it.


Until next time…..

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  1. WOW, this is quite handy.
    I usually don’t go too crazy with the spring cleaning, since I live in a rental. But my Mum will definitely love these hacks.

  2. I will definitely look into cleaning the mildew off of caulk! I can’t take my shower and am constantly scrubbing at it. This is also a good reminder for things that I wouldn’t otherwise think to clean!

  3. These are amazing! Thank you so much for compiling this list of cleaning tips! I especially loved the ones on cleaning sink handles… mine are kinda nasty and I had no clue on how to clean them! Also the oven door cleaning hack… literally a lifesaver!

  4. I am pinning thse to use next week!!! I have been trying to get the grease off my cabinet for months!! With every stinky strong chemical possible. I can’t wait to give this a try…

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