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Hey moms! (and fathers out there looking to learn a thing or two!)

Usually, my motherhood blog posts are catered towards moms with young children like myself. I thought about it and decided to spread the love. This post is for the moms (and dads!) out there looking for some help with their teenagers’ transition into womanhood and their first period.


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My First Period Story

Okay, not to give too much info but I couldn’t write this post without giving my first-period story. I remember it was my last year in elementary school. At that time, elementary school went up to the 6th grade in NYC.  It happened at home while my mom was out with my aunts. Honestly, I had no clue what was going on. I thought something was wrong with me when Aunt Flo came into town haha. I called my mom to tell her about this random bleeding down there and she burst out laughing. Talk about embarrassing. She gave me a few tips over the phone to hold me over until she came back home.

Looking back at this time of my life, I have to say it wasn’t my first period that was the hardest. It was the transition years as I learned how to manage my period in my everyday life. For example, when I made plans to go out to an all white party then Aunt Flo comes into town forcing me to change the outfit out of fear of having a leak. Thankfully, times have changed since then and there is so much out there to help out teens with their time of the month.

So, how can you prepare your teen to ease the transition? Keep reading to hear about.

Your Teen’s First Period Must-Haves

Pads, Tampons, Panty Liners

Until your teen gets familiar with their flow, you’ll want to have some of each. Tampons may not be the right fit for your teen depending how early their first period comes. But, you’ll definitely want to carry an assortment of pads and panty liners. Trust me, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I recommend you tell your teen to put some in their backpack for emergencies.

Period Panties

Remember when I told you earlier I was always worried about leaking? Thanks to new technology, this is a thing of the past. There’s now something called period panties. I’d recommend Knixteen’s leakproof period panties. This brand is so awesome. They offer different panty cuts and a variety of packs up to 5 panties. Knixteen’s panties have a built in leak guard (think a permanent panty liner. Talk about awesome!), scents to overpower the sometimes unrefreshing smell of a period, and material to dry fast in case of sweat or leaks. Your teen will definitely want this in case of any accidents!

Pain Reliever

Cramps sometimes come out of nowhere and can be extremely difficult for when your teen gets their first menstrual. Keep some on hand so your teen can still participate in school, their day to day life, and so forth.

Heat Pads

This makes a WORLD of difference. Make sure to have one in the house for the days when your teen is feeling it the most. Heat eases the pain and makes it easier to manage.


Oh, you’ll want snacks for your teen. Be prepared to stock the house with some of your teen’s favorite foods. Comfort food is a must during this time.


These are just some starters to get your teen on the right track for their first few periods. As time progresses, your teen will be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Until then, just be supportive and attentive.


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4 thoughts on “How To Prepare Your Teen For Their First Period With Knixteen”

  1. I remember my first discussion with Mum about periods… went awful, I couldn’t stop crying. Truth hurts I guess, haha.
    Even though I was quite well informed and educated when it comes to periods, I didn’t have any pads or anything with me when I had my first period. I thought it won’t happen that fast.

  2. This is so very informative and something that isn’t discussed enough. In addition to talks, my mom gifted me the Care and Keeping of Me book. Such a great resource for those going through puberty.

  3. I got my period few days ago and when I got it I was relieved bc I thought I was never gonna get cause I remember all my friends having it and I was always the one being left out. I thought they were being dramatic about the cramps and everything and now I’m experiencing it and it’s horrible I haven’t told my mom and luckily my mom told me to go buy something for her at family dollar so I took advantage and bought pads but I needed to open it outside and shove it in my pants and hoodie cause I didn’t want her to know I had my period plus guests came home so imagine if I took that out lmao im actually happy I got it in quarantine and not in school

    1. The same thing happened with me. I was one of the last ones amongst my friends to receive it. Girl, I’m glad you got it during quarantine. I’ve heard some horror stories about some friends getting it during school. Hope you’re doing well!

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