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Christmas has to be hands down my favorite time of the year. Just the sight of ornaments and Christmas decorations can make my day. I’m already a bit tempted to start decorating our house ( too early or nah? haha!). The last thing you want to be worried about during the holiday season is a lack of funds. Honestly, it’s even more heartbreaking when you want to go all out for your family and can’t.

Don’t let that be you this year! Start early and get ahead of it. We all may not be able to afford the world. But, there are a few tips we can implement today to ensure we can make memories this season we’ll come to enjoy.

I want to challenge each of you to put into practice at least 5 of these tips this holiday season. Avoid the stress trying to stretch the last paycheck before Christmas. You can even make some extra money to get you through to next year with a few of these tips. At the very least, you save money and make the most of your budget. Keep reading for these holiday money saving tips sure to make this Christmas memorable.holiday budgeting tips, holiday money saving tips, christmas shopping, holiday shopping, money savers, budget saving tips, money saving tips for families, christmas shopping on a budget, budget holiday gifts, budget holiday tips, save christmas money, christmas savings, christmas savings plan,

Holiday Money Saving Tips

Take Money From Each Check & Set It Aside

You can do this a number of ways. You can automatically send a portion of your direct deposit to a separate account which you will use for holiday funds. Or, you can withdraw this money from your account and set it aside to ensure you don’t spend it. Either way, taking money from each check is a valid way to prepare for your upcoming holiday. This ensures you can still sustain your monthly bills and responsibilities without sacrificing the holidays.

Purchase and Use Gift Cards

This is becoming a popular method among larger families. It’s your choice which gift cards you choose to use. If you’re a Target lover like myself and like to save money, you’re familiar with their gift card deals. I usually stash these gift cards to the side and use them later on big purchases. This could apply to your holiday shopping as well. Or, you could purchase visa or store gift cards (which are seen near checkout in major retailers). Purchase as many as you want with varying amounts throughout the year to give yourself a holiday budget cushion.

Purchase Gifts Early

I’m definitely practicing this method this year. If you know me at all, I’m the absolute worst with deadlines and timing. I wait until the LAST minute to do almost anything. Are you anything like this? If so, you’re costing yourself more money than you need to. Sit down and write a list of your gift recipients, holiday festivity costs, and more. From this see which gifts you can catch during sales such as Black Friday, order online at discounted prices, or purchase before holiday prices kick in to save money.

Amazon is your friend!

Amazon has to be hands down my retail weakness. Ugh, I spend so much money on Amazon.com. But, it’s always because prices are cheaper, shipping is quicker, and their selections aren’t only limited to what’d you find in store. I’d recommend Amazon as your holiday shopping go-to. Especially if you have Amazon Prime! All of your gifts would arrive within two days without having to fuss over if they’d make it in time. They’re also perfect for electronics, baby gifts, and more. Trust me, don’t count Amazon out. Take a few minutes to explore their daily deals and sales. I promise you’ll be checking out in no time.

Utilize Holiday Sales BEFORE Black Friday

Stores tend to have countdown sales until the high demand for Black Friday. Target, for example, has a toy on sale every day for the month of November. It tends to go up to 50% off during that day, not including any gift cards or other sales you can combine it with. The downtime between Halloween and Black Friday Sales motivate stores to add extra deals to keep their sales up until the holiday season is officially started.

Get A Seasonal Job

An extra cash flow is always an option to help put some money aside for holiday budgeting. This saves you from the added financial pressure of the holidays. During the holidays, major retailers like Macys, Lord & Taylor, Victoria Secret and more are always looking to hire additional seasonal employees.

My absolute favorite– Couponing

Check online or those brochures you get in the mail. Around this time, retailers are throwing coupons at their customers just trying to get them in the door. Take advantage of these and use it in combination with any advertised sales.

Want to save your family money year round? Learn how I save my family thousands each year with these simple steps.

Use Rewards Programs

Ibotta has to be my favorite reward app these days. It works with almost every retailer on top of any other savings and deals. You simply upload receipts from your in-store purchases or shop online and get a portion of your sale back. My favorite part of this is that you earn actual cash back which you can get sent back to your bank account via Paypal or purchase gift cards with your balance. I’ve already withdrawn money which has helped pay for my blog expenses. Use this to make money on your purchases and use them towards additional holiday expenses. If you sign up with my referral link, you will automatically get a $10 welcome bonus towards your balance to withdraw.

Sell Stuff Around the House You’re Not Using

We all tend to accumulate junk that we barely even remember. Walk through your house and see what you have lying around that you have no use for. As you guys know, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure! I usually post items I no longer need or use on Offer Up or Facebook market.

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If you’re really looking to maximize your budget this season, I’d recommend combining a few of these holiday money saving tips. You could never save too much money.

What is your favorite holiday money saving tip? Have any, in particular, worked for your holiday budgets?

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Money Saving Tips Without Stressing Last Minute”

  1. Love all of these $$$ saving tips! I budget out my Christmas shopping like crazy and coupons, deals, and rewards programs are my best friends! Also, shopping before black friday is such a good tip! The sales are usually the same if not better!

  2. These are awesome tips! For gift cards, there are a lot of programs that will also give you cash back on them so you can save that way as well.

  3. love these! I’m a huge fan of using sales before black friday too! I find that so many places do the better sale in advance of black friday and then that sets their mark down for black friday depending on whats left over!

  4. Amazon, early gifts and food! Those are my tips! I wish I stuck to them more but I have less ppl to buy gifts for now so I tend to rush at the last minute. ugh.

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