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Pregnancy is usually filled with thoughts about what your baby will need, how you will afford it, the upcoming responsibilities of a becoming a new mom, and so much more. Honestly, there are so many things we worry about during pregnancy. The worry doesn’t stop one your little one is born. Sorry to tell you.

We may not be able to control everything that goes on around our babies but there are some preventative measures we can take. Today, I want to talk about tips on installing a car seat for your newborn.

There are no shortcuts with car seat installments. You don’t want to pass Go. Take $200. Nothing! ( haha *insert my corny Monopoly humor*)

On a serious note, this isn’t something you want to rush. A properly installed cart seat will protect your baby in the event of a car accident, small or big.

Here are a few car seat safety tips to make sure your newborn is completely protected during your future drives.

Installing A Car Seat Safety Tips For New Moms


This is the most obvious one. I know how tempting it is to try to guess on your own or skim the instructions. Please don’t. Every car seat isn’t the same.Take the time to ensure you are following every step for the equipment you have.

Children under the age of 1  should be in infant rear-facing car seats.


All vehicles don’t have the same set up for car seats. My Honda Civic has two anchor hooks in the backseat for my son’s car seat which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s super easy to install and ensures Dominic is secure at all times. My husband’s Avalanche doesn’t have the same setup. If we didn’t read the manual, we wouldn’t have been able to install Dominic’s car seat safely. See if your car provides anchor hooks or requires the use of a seatbelt for installment.


You’ll want to give your child’s car seat some space. The car seat’s base needs to remain level. If the front seat is too close, it will push your child’s car seat up at an angle which isn’t safe.


You should wiggle your child’s car seat in every direction after installment. You don’t want your child’s car seat to move more than 1 inch in every direction. So, play around with it. Move it back and forth and side to side. If it moves, recheck your manual to see what could be the cause.


This is in case of a future recall. If your car seat’s brand announces a recall on your model purchased, you’ll want to know ASAP and remove the car seat. You can usually find the registration card for your car seat in the original packaging.

These are just some quick tips on installing a car seat. You’ll want to head over to the Cars.com website to see all of their articles on the best way to install car seats specific to vehicle make and models.

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