Let me guess. Are you sick of working your dead-end job and ready to make money from home?



I know that was my life last year. I was nearing the end of my pregnancy working hard in a corporate job. My boss complained all the time about my frequent bathroom breaks, my lack of energy, and need to eat all the time. Hello, I was pregnant!

This was my kicker to get the heck of out of corporate America. I had my degree but was still stuck in a cubicle making pennies. My car payment was always late. Rent was stressing me out. I refused for this to be the life my little baby boy was born into.

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Learn To Blog For Money In Less Than 30 Days

Here’s where blogging came in. It allowed me to the following.

1.Be A Stay At Home Mom

This was my ultimate motivation. I didn’t want to miss anything with my son, Dominic. Babies grow so fast and reach milestones quickly in the first year. I didn’t want to have to hear about what my son did from the daycare when I picked him up after work. I wanted to be there to witness it all. Dominic was my first born and luckily my blog allowed me some wiggle room in my budget to stay home.

2.Express myself

If you ask my husband, I talk a mile a minute. The blog gave me a voice to talk about what matters to me. The blog features parenting tips, what I’ve learned as a mom, my favorite trends and styles and more. My husband was happy to stop hearing about what styles Steve Madden came out with or what fall vests I was anxious to buy. Trust me, blogging helps the fellow chatterbox.

3. Become my Own Boss

My career was in my hands. I was able to decide what I worked for, who I worked with, and when I worked. This is every mom’s dream! I’ve already worked with brands like Fisher Price, Kraft, and Sunsweet. To do this in my first year was more than I ever expected.

4. Make Money To Help My Family

Okay, This may have been #1 for most people. Who knew that taking time to learn to blog for money wouldn’t take long?! Everyone makes it seem like it takes years or so. But, it doesn’t. What you put out is what you get.


If any of these reasons hit home for you, then started a blog should be on you’re to do list. I won’t lie and say it’s not a lot of work. It is!

If, you are willing to start a website, manage your social media, and spend a lot of time online…..

Starting a blog is for you! Learn today here. You’ll find all the tips and advice I’ve learned over the past year and a half. Everything from how to work your Pinterest, word your blog posts, set up a website and more!

In under 30 days, you’ll be able to learn everything I learned in over a year to get you started. Save yourself time and make sure you blog is on the right track to bring in some cash!

I’m holding a celebratory blogversary sale for this course for a limited time. Email me at tpicou10@gmail.com or message me today to redeem this course for half price! Mention APOL50 to get this discount.

Well, that’s it today.  I should be following up with a new post later this week! You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. *Sigh* Story of my life in corporate America right now. I have a two year old son and I have a 4 month old daughter.. When I tell you being pregnant working in a cubicle jail is so depressing and stressful, I just long for the day I can get throw them the peace sign! Thank you for sharing!

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