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Dominic’s birth is definitely one of the top moments, if not THE top moment, in my life. My entire birth experience in the hospital revolved around how Dominic’s birth would go, the actual birth experience, and the afterglow of being a mom. Honestly, I can’t think of any new mom that spends the time up to and after the birth thinking about the essentials for being a mom. You’ll want to tackle this well before your due date.

My later months of pregnancy was filled with couponing and shopping for my little one. You’ll want to have everything taken care of while you’re nesting before you get too huge and emotional about the upcoming birth. Your diaper bag essentials for your newborn is one of those things that should be checked off early. Get familiar with the necessities and stock up as early as possible.

If you’re in the market for a new diaper bag or ready to learn about everything needed to fill it, you’ll want to keep reading. These diaper bag essentials for newborns are definitely a MUST!

Diaper Bag Essentials For Newborns Every New Mom Needs


Purchase all diapers here.

Obviously, diapers are going to be your everyday essential. You would be surprised how many diapers your little one can run through in a day. I’d suggest stocking up in bulk for your first few months. There’s no doubt you will need them and your baby will not waste any.

For Dominic, I shopped at Target because of their reoccurring diaper sales with bonus gift cards. Trust me, those gift cards come in handy.With them, I was able to use my savings for Dominic’s travel stroller set, crib, and all essentials such as baby food, crib sheets, nursery furniture and more. In hindsight, I’d probably make Amazon my go-to.

If you’re going to purchase diapers or any other essentials each month, I’d recommend Amazon Prime. You’ll save money by purchasing bulk, using coupons, and receive savings by signing up for a monthly subscription purchase.

2. The Diaper Bag




Okay, I’m pretty sure this should have been #1. Everyone knows you’ll need a diaper bag. A simple trip such as going to Target down the street will require a diaper bag. You never know when your little one will poop, get hungry, pee, blow snot, need a change of clothes, or more.Yup, having a newborn is just that eventful even for a quick errand.


3. Wipes




You remember how I told you that diapers were super important? Well, you can’t change diapers without wipes. It’d be in your best interest to purchase a good deal of wipes too. You could purchase them in bulk or purchase a subscription service on Amazon.

As much as you’ll need a bulk supply of wipes, I’d also recommend travel sizes. you will want the recommended amount of wipes perfect for your diaper bag.

4. Baby Powder



This is perfect for some people to aid in diaper changing. It can help prevent rashes and keep your baby cool and comfortable.

5. Baby Lotion/Travel Set

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Baby Lotion is a must. My son has eczema so it’s necessary even more for our household. Depending on the size of your diaper bag, you may not be able to fit full-size items. Thankfully, most of the hygiene items for your little ones usually come in a travel size set. I recommend adding this to your baby registry. It will definitely come in handy. If you’re traveling, you’ll want to read about how to prepare for baby’s first trip.

                                6. Baby Nose Suction

     Purchase it here.

I personally always carried this especially when Dominic was a newborn. We were gifted multiple items so I always kept one in the bag. You won’t need it every day but it’s one of those things you just leave in the bag. It came in handy a few times when  I least expected it. Call it being a new mom but the last thing I wanted was to be unprepared if my little one was congested or caught a came down with a cold.

7. Diaper Bag Changing Pad


Purchase it here.

Even the most family-friendly places forget how much a diaper table is needed. To avoid changing your precious one on a surface that’s far from clean, keep a changing pad in the diaper bag. A must indeed!

8. Pacifiers



It’s up to you to decide if you want to use a pacifier for your child. Every parent is different. But, if you little one does use a pacifier, you’ll want an extra one handy in case of emergencies. The last thing you want is to misplace one during one of your baby’s fussy moments. We used a pacifier for Dominic and it was a lifesaver. Just in case you’re wondering, I had the easiest time breaking him off it when the time came. In less than 48, hours he no longer used one.

9. Change of Clothes




You may even want to have more than one outfit depending on how long you will be out of the house. Your little one may spit up, spill food, wet his clothes, or even worse have a pooping disaster. Check out some cute baby clothes above you may want to splurge on for your little one.

10. Bottles

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If I remember correctly, Dominic had a bottle about every 3 hours in his earlier months.  I always knew I needed at least 2 whenever we were going out for a family day or I had a long day of errands. Majority of the times I would add an extra bottle because you never know how the day will go.

12. Grocery Shopping Bags

Okay, you know those shopping bags you get when you purchase new groceries. I’d recommend at least keeping one of those in your diaper bag. This is one of those mom hacks you learn from experience. There’s always a time you have to change your little one and there isn’t a trash can in sight. Avoid the awkward and unpleasant experience of having a random poop diaper in your car or in your diaper bag until you find the nearest trash can. This even applies when you’re at a friend’s house or out in public. No one wants to smell a poopy diaper until the trash is taken out.

13. Burp Cloths

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You could use these for burping your baby, protecting your baby from scents and germs on adults, and swaddling your little one.

14. Comfort Toy or Bear




Dominic has this little bear that we would take EVERYWHERE. He’d hold it in the car seat while we were driving. Use it to cuddle with on his way to sleep. Basically, it went everywhere. It was one of those little bears that if he was particularly fussy or needed something comforting to adjust to a new place, it’d save the day. Well, that and his pacifier. You’ll want to keep it close if your little one has a favorite.

15. Hand Sanitizer

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Protect your little one from germs you may get in passing and clean your hands from the messy spills you have as a new mom with hand sanitizer.

16. Diaper Rash Cream

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You’d be surprised how quickly a diaper rash could come out of nowhere. Keep some handy just in case.

17. Extra Bibs

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You know those extra spills and accidents I was talking about earlier. Keep some bibs in your diaper bag to prevent having to change your baby’s clothes after every accident.

18. Extra Shirt For You




Oh, you thought the diaper bag would only be for your little one? Oh no, part of the diaper bag essentials for newborns includes keeping a space shirt for you.  At any moment, your baby’s accident can become an accident for two. This is especially necessary if you are heading out to an event or friend’s house with your little one.

19. Blanket




You’ll need this to protect your baby from the weather. Cold or hot, you may need a blanket to keep your little one from being sun burned during the summer or keep warm in the winter.

The Key To Your Diaper Bag

Basically, you need to keep two things in mind when choosing your diaper bag essentials for newborns.

Think of the items your little one needs in their day to to day routine.

Then, think of all the items you need for an emergency. That’s how you ensure your diaper bag keeps you prepared for anything to come.

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Until next time….

xoxo Tatyanna


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  1. Great suggestions for the diaper bag and those bags are so stylish too. I wish moms would carry a change pad with them, I work at a medical office and can’t tell you how many times the babes have peed on the exam bed…..Of course we have super sterilizer but it would be nice for the staff if the moms/parents protected the surface when doing the diaper change ;).

  2. Well, I’m a grandmother now, so not in need of a diaper bag … BUT I’ve visited and stayed over at my daughter’s house and I know she’s really good about packing up probably most of the things you have listed here. I like the addition of an extra shirt for mom, because yes- accidents certainly do happen during feeding, burping, or changing diapers!

  3. Great tips for keeping a little newborn well! Congratulations on the both of your little boy and my favourite tip is about the extra shirt for the mummy as little ones can be sick everywhere.

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