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Bleached T-Shirts

Distressed denim button ups

Bleached & distressed jeans

Honestly, can really you go wrong with any of the above? Each piece tends to add a stylish touch to the simplest outfit. Lately, I’ve been super addicted to distressed and bleached clothing. This DIY denim fashion trend is no different.

Want to know my favorite part? The fact that I can do it myself! It works wonders on the wardrobe while leaving my budget intact. How can a girl be mad at that?

Why Denim?

Denim has to be one of the easiest fabrics to bleach and distress. It’s very beginner friendly.If you’re on the fence about taking a stab at this trend, I’d definitely recommend you start on some old denim in your closet or used denim from the thrift store. The last thing you want to do is ruin your favorite pair of jeans or that expensive True Religion button up you recently treated yourself to.

I tried my hand at creating distressed and bleach denim button-ups for the first time.The last time I tried DIY clothing was probably art class in high school. It was on a regular Tshirt that I cut up, painted, then bleached. As fun as that was, I wouldn’t qualify that class project as “stylish”.This time was totally different!

What Did I Use?

I used two old denim shirts from Target. Both didn’t cost me more than $6 each from the Goodwill. Talk about a steal! Initially, it started out as just a practice run. I was bored in the house with nothing to do since the movers had packed up our home. You’d be surprised what projects you start when all of your televisions are packed away. It may have started out as practice and a way to end boredom but I’d have to say my DIY distressed and bleached denim came out AMAZING!


All items used were bought from Dollar Tree. I wasn’t kidding when I said this project is very budget-friendly.

Clorox Bleach

Sponges on a Stick

(if that’s what they’re called)


Spray Bottle

Disposable Container

DIY Denim Tips

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I’d recommend getting an idea of what you would like your DIY denim to look like before starting with the bleach or scissors.

Creating Words

Do you want to create words with the bleach? I’d recommend using the sponge sticks. It makes it easy to control your handwriting and the size and look of your words.

Spray Sizes

Are you thinking about adding words? I’d recommend writing that first before you start spraying. On my shirts, I wrote “Mom Boss” on one since I’m the boss of my own travel agency and writing career.

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On another, I wrote “A Pop of Life” for obvious reasons. Feel free to get creative. As these aren’t random letters, I had to write them first to make sure I had enough space and it’d be legible. The closer your spray nozzle is to the denim, the larger your sprays will be and the less distance you will cover per spray.


Before you even pick up those scissors, I truly recommend you at least look at a few previously done distressed posts or videos. I only spent about 10 minutes watching youtube videos on DIY distressed denim but it made a HUGE difference. Watching those videos let me know the kind of results each cut pattern would produce.

The Finished Product

diy denim, distressed, bleached denim, diy fashion, diy trend, trend alert, fashionista, stylish mom, fashion mom, mom style

Are you not a fan of thrifting? Check out these budget-friendly denim pieces that’d be perfect for your first try at DIY Denim Distressing and Bleaching!



Don’t feel restricted to button-ups! You could literally get creative with any kind of denim you own. Shorts, Jeans, Jackets, Vests… It’s really endless. I hope you guys enjoyed this style piece! I know for sure I’ll be trying this again.


diy denim, distressed, bleached denim, diy fashion, diy trend, trend alert, fashionista, stylish mom, fashion mom, mom style

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  1. This looks fun! I love the idea of a distressed bleached denim tunic with black leggings and boots for fall! You listed several different ways to create a unique look which is super helpful!

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