Story of my life as an at-home travel agent

Person #1: What do you do for a living?

Me: I’m a writer and travel agent.

Person #1: Really, a travel agent? What do you use like Expedia or Orbit.com? I use that too.

Me: Uhhh.. it’s not quite that simple. We actually don’t use sites like those as they are seen as our competition. I’m a certified agent which is recognized by everyone in the travel industry ( hotels, airlines, etc.)

Person #1: I guess. I know how to find the best deals.

This is usually when I change the topic of conversation or just let those conversations die. I mean, if you know best. Who am I to disagree? You got this. As much as I absolutely HATE conversations like those, there are some really great perks to being an at-home travel agent. Besides,  I can work in my PJs with a glass of wine in between Netflix binge-a-thons.  Sounds amazing right?! Come on, admit it. Keep reading to learn more reasons this job is awesome for me!

Reason #1: I have access to EXCLUSIVE deals.

When I was only a consumer, I could have sworn I knew it ALL about getting deals. I’d compare two or three travel sites, find the lowest package, and WAHLAH! I just struck gold. Unfortunately, most sites aren’t giving you access to the actual deals. You don’t see the REAL deals until you’re behind the scenes working with hotels, airlines, and more directly. As much as you think you can get the BEST deal on your own, I assure you that’s about as rare as finding the golden ticket in Willy Wonka.

Thanks to my new career, our family can travel often at quality places within our budget.

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Reason #2: I make GREAT money!

The travel industry works on commission. Any travel product (vacation packages, flights, car rentals, etc.) has a commission. Say you use Expedia.com to book your family’s vacation. Expedia would hold onto that commission. As a travel agent with access to book with suppliers directly, I receive a commission (not from my clients) on everything I book for my clients.

Say there is a 20% commission rate on cruises. I find my friend and her husband a $2000 cruise package including flights and a heap of incentives. Let’s say it took me three hours to find, confirm with my friend, and book this package. I make 20% off that $2000 package I booked.

In this hypothetical case….

3 hours worked = $400 pay!

I don’t about you. But, I’d say that’s AWESOME! For that one package, I would have made $133/hr. Mama is surely not complaining at all! I won’t say that’s an everyday sale. Each package and supplier has it’s own rates. Like with any business, I have to find my clients and market my business. I can say that I absolutely love the flexibility to make great money for  few hours worked.

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Reason #3: It’s a challenging new industry to perfect.

Every career requires some kind of education. Whether it’s formal, professional, or informal, you have to learn to become a pro in your career.

It’s been such a drastic change becoming a stay at home mom. When I first had my son, my days used to be filled with a bunch of naps and day time TV. We all think that’s an amazing life. But, it does get a bit boring after a while. Learning the travel industry has started to get my brain running again. I’ve always loved learning new things. This industry has way more to it than I would have ever imagined.

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BONUS: I can help my family travel more on their budget!

I’m a HUGE fan of travel! My life hasn’t been the same since I traveled abroad during my undergraduate years. There is so much out there and I want my family and I to experience it ALL. Being a travel agent makes it easier for me to show my family why travel should be so important to their lifestyle.

In a ideal world, I’d work from a new location every month. *Fingers crossed* that this dream comes true one day!

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9 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Love Working From Home As A Travel Agent”

  1. LOL, oh, yeah, I love conversations with people who not only don’t understand what you do but also assume it has no value… LOL

    It’s one thing to book a flight to visit family in another city. It’s altogether different to put together a whole vacation to an unfamiliar place, with flight and hotel and transportation and sightseeing… You want someone who knows what they are doing!

    And from your point of view, it sounds fascinating.

  2. Ahhh this sounds like the perfect career–work from home and help people plan their vacays?!? Hahahah I could totally picture those awkward convos about what you do too!

  3. I have been saying over and over again that I want to get my certification. I live and breathe for travel nowadays and I am praying I get it done by December! Keep striving.

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