Finding time for romance can become a task once children are introduced into the picture. As much as we love our little ones, grown-ups need a bit of alone time.

Valentine’s Day is the PERFECT time to schedule a bit of romance for mom and dad.

Don’t ignore the chance to rekindle the romance because you think it’s impossible to have some time alone. Keep reading for some tips and date ideas for parents on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Parents


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Day Time Date

Take a trip to the winery or brewery. Wineries usually have options to take winery tours, wine tastings, lunch, or even a picnic. This is perfect for parents that have babysitters, help from family, or children in daytime daycare.

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Romance on a Budget

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always about how much money spent that determines a successful Valentine’s Day. As long as your partner feels appreciated, it’s a success. Don’t feel uninspired because you are on a budget.

Buy a bottle of wine.

Rent a movie.

Purchase some massage oils and give your partner some TLC.

Whatever you choose, think of your favorite dates with one another and recreate it at home.

Romantic Night In

If you have an younger baby like myself, it’s kind of hard to be away from your child for long periods of time. A romantic night in is perfect as it starts after your little one’s bedtime.

Raise the romance up an extra notch.

Buy a bottle of wine.

Light candles around the room of your choice.

Splurge for some roses and spread the petals from the front door.

Cook your favorite dinner and watch a movie. Or, you could even purchase some body oils and give each other massages.

What matters the most is taking the time to reconnect with one another outside of the children.

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Artistic Romance

If you and your spouse are art lovers, schedule a trip to an art museum. You could tour the exhibits or attend a painting class. Some painting classes have food and wine served to attendees ( especially on Valentine’s Day!). This would be something unique and romantic without being time consuming.

Walk Down Memory Lane

One of our favorite date night ideas since becoming parents is  game night. It allows us to have fun without leaving the house and our son. I know it’s not the most romantic activity. But, it always ends up being a night filled with laughs and memorable moments. We choose a different childhood game every date night to play. Add a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and it can be a fulfilling date night. Sometimes simple is more.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Hope you find the perfect choice for you on this list of date ideas for parents. Take the opportunity to celebrate the love you share with your significant other. There are so many people that say Valentine’s Day is just another day. Or, my favorite “a day created by corporations to make money”. Don’t adopt that mindset this Valentine’s Day. As parents, we’ve more than earned ourselves some adult time.

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Until next time…..

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  1. Great suggestions! I love the one about memory lane – I feel like that would also be fun to pull up old photos of things you’ve done together and look back on how far you’ve come as a couple and family 🙂

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