Owning a business requires your time and attention. At the same time, being a mom requires the exact same thing.

How in the world can you devote your time equally without sacrificing quality? This can be especially difficult if your child is still a baby. Your baby isn’t going to understand that he/she needs to wait five more minutes or you need to take an important phone call. Unless, your baby is a genius. In that case, I’d love to get some tips. 🙂

Some may think it’s near impossible.

Others may view the task too difficult to tackle.

As moms, we don’t have the luxury to think like that.

We make things happen and figure it out.

I’m a new entrepreneur and a stay at home mom to a 7 month old baby boy. With some trial and error, I was able to figure out a few ways to balance my daily schedule and increase my productivity. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your time and actually start to check items off your task list.

Mompreneur’s Guide to Balancing Her Daily Schedule With A Baby

You are NOT in control!

Erase any thoughts you have about being in control of your schedule. A baby and a business both are likely to have emergencies, unscheduled accidents, and more. You know that saying, “Life happened”. Yeah, that applies to this situation.There’s no way you can foresee every possible hiccup that can occur in your day. Pushing yourself to have a strict schedule will just increase the likeliness that you won’t be able to handle both responsibilities effectively.

Your child’s needs come first

If you don’t have a nanny at home, this is a very critical lesson. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fit your child’s needs into an already established schedule.

I started blogging while I was pregnant with Dominic. Once he was born, I was confident that I could just jump right into blogging with the same level of attention. My days always ended up feeling like a disaster. Dominic would keep crying for attention. I never was able to finish creating posts or marketing my blog on social media platforms. Tasks that should take an hour were taking me four hours to complete.

Do you know why? It’s because I was trying to make both of them an equal priority. Your child’s needs to be fulfilled first. This will make it easier to tackle your business and it’s needs. Write down a draft schedule of your child’s day with estimated times. Include nap time, feeding time, play time, and any other responsibilities.

Plan your business around your child.

Look at the draft schedule you just created. Are there any blank slots when your child won’t need you directly next to him/her? Those spots are YOUR time.

Fill those slots in with your appointments, consultations, brainstorming, and more. Whatever you business needs, fit it in accordingly with the free space on your draft schedule.  This is the closest you will get to structure in your day to day. The schedule isn’t written in stone but it gives you an idea of what your day will look like.

Leave Wiggle Room

Important CEOs in the movies always seem so so busy! Their assistant schedules everything down to their bathroom breaks. There’s no room in their schedule for anything unexpected. From those scenes, I can tell you that is the exact opposite of what a mompreneur’s schedule looks like. You have to include extra time in between your activities. There’s a good chance you’ll run over schedule. This is extremely likely while you are still finding a balance. As my mom would say, it is better to plan for the worst than hope for the best.

It’s Okay to Go Off Schedule

Sometimes, my son wants me to lay down with him while he is going down for his afternoon nap. The extra 10-15 minutes I spend laying down with him is worth avoiding the hour he’d remain cranky and need extra attention. Don’t be so caught up on staying on schedule that you end up wasting more time. It’s inevitable things will go off course with a baby. Attend to your child to avoid prolonging projects and upsetting your baby.

Find The Best Time for Every Task

I’ve learned that I get the most work completed when my house is sleeping. The house is quiet it and kind of reminds me of the days when I lived alone. I can listen to music, dance it out, watch a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy. Whatever floats my boat to help me focus, I can accomplish when my family is sleeping. If you aren’t open to staying up all hours of the night, think about the perfect time for each tasks. For attention consuming tasks like important phone calls, I’d recommend you schedule those during your child’s nap time.

What Does Your Child Like?

It’s crucial to your success of balancing both that you find something to occupy your child’s time during your work hours. My son is a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse. I can replay the same exact episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him and he will laugh like he’s never seen it before. I take this time to write my blog posts, write my cold pitch emails, answer Instagram comments and more. By figuring out what your child likes, you can work and your child is happy.

I don’t have a secret spell book to make it being a mompreneur easy.  Don’t I wish though! Major Harry Potter fan over here! But, hopefully with the tips above you’ll be able to manage your day to day better.






5 thoughts on “Mompreneur’s Guide to Balancing Her Daily Schedule With A Baby”

  1. Glad you’ve found some strategies that help you balance your important roles and daily tasks at a manageable pace! Those little ones don’t stay little long, and meeting their needs is important, while at the same time businesses are not easily neglected!

  2. As I was initially reading, I was thinking that they could not be equal. I am glad that you made the proper adjustments for you and your son. Best of luck!

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