The past week has been a struggle for me.

I started the year off with an amazing mindset. There were an abundance of opportunities that were just waiting for me go out and get them. You couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to make this year a successful one.

That was until….

The clients I anticipated snagging for my writing business fell through. The recent moms that expressed an interest in joining my travel team didn’t complete their signup. Combined, it left little room for any creativity on the blog. I just hit a rut out of nowhere. The work I was putting in just didn’t seem to be paying off.

Do you know what the problem was?

I was uninspired. I allowed a negative mindset to manifest itself in every aspect of my work. The businesses I were passionate about began to feel like a job. Obviously, we can’t have that! Keep reading to find how my trip to Walmart at 1am led to a 180 degree change in my mindset and a chic office space.

How I Redecorated My Office For Under $30

Last night, I was dragging my feet to complete a piece on Vancouver’s Fintech industry for a client. It wasn’t like the piece was hard. I mean, I already knew how I wanted to format the article. But, I just couldn’t get myself psyched about sitting at my laptop to work on a PAID ( The money is usually motivation enough!) assignment.

I decided enough was enough a little after midnight. The issue was my environment. Nothing about my office space made me feel inspired. I didn’t see my personality reflected around me. I’m one of those people that need to see pretty positive things in my work space.

At 1am, I was in Walmart trying to find some pretty decor on a budget. This was still a theory at that point and I didn’t want to break the bank on a possibility. Thirty minutes later, I was back home and inspired. My bank account only lost $30 and my mindset was overflowing with positivity.

Decor Items

1 Set of Fake Flowers – $2.97 + Vase -$2.97

I’m a sucker for flowers. They make any place beautiful and feminine. Plus, pink is my kryptonite.

Gold Eiffel Tower – $7.97

Chic and Inspirational. I’m working toward being able to be fabulous and financially free in Paris. This was a perfect reminder.

Lamp – $7.97

I work late nights. It’s not ideal to leave every light on while my family is sleeping. This provides excellent light right over my desk space.

Picture Frame- $3.97

I absolutely love #girlboss quotes. I’m sure we all subconsciously get a bit of a mental boost when we see all the positivity. You should see how many mugs I have with quotes that basically say I’m awesome. Everywhere online tried to sell a quote picture for $15 or more. That was not even an option.

TableCloth- Free from my linen closet

Wanna know something? This is actually a bedroom curtain from my single days when I lived on my own. It came in handy to add a bit of pop to my office space. What’s the saying? Reuse & Recycle?

Decor Setup

  1. I set up everything I bought exactly how I envisioned.
  2. I printed a few pictures to throw in a frame that was already in my living room.
  3. For the gold frame I purchased, I used Canva to create a picture of a Coco Chanel quote.

Tip: If you print your quote on regular printing paper, add another blank piece of paper behind your quote. This ensures your picture doesn’t look transparent. Everyone would swear you bought it in the store.

I Shared How I Redecorated At 1am Because….

This post was far from a how-to. It was more of a glimpse into being an entrepreneur. When you work at home, it’s crucial that you do what’s necessary to keep your productivity up.

Some people view decor as insignificant while I can become deeply uninspired by a blank office space. You have to do what it takes to make you feel inspired, confident, and ready to take over the world!


10 thoughts on “How I Redecorated My Office For Under $30”

  1. I love all of your touches and think it’s awesome you did it all on a budget. My environment is a huge factor in my creativity: any visual clutter and I have a hard time focusing.

  2. Those are all such cute items! Flowers always make me happy too. I bought some just this weekend to keep me positive and inspired!

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