*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% honest and solely that of A Pop of Life. Make sure to use my link for LuLu’s if you want to get $10 off orders over $100 and free shipping. Use code ‘Freeship10’.15048171_1590405331267869_2371888490850811904_nIt can get a big hectic being a stay at home mom (SAHM). Most days are uneventful.  There’s the routine. You know the one.

Wake up.

Feed and change the baby.

Grab a cup of coffee ( or whatever your preference).

Get a start on the chores.

Put the baby down for a nap.

Watch a bit of Netflix.

Yada. Yada Yada.

Days like that are a breeze. It’s the other days where we may need a bit of help. The days when all of your tasks and responsibilities seem to be piling up and you need all the assistance you can get. This gift guide is perfect for those eventful days to make sure you continue being the super mom you already are!

This week, my son and I were both sick. Boy, it wasn’t easy getting through the routine. I had to make sure I stayed organized and productive while ensuring both of our colds were being attended to. Anything in this gift guide is perfect for making sure your life as a SAHM runs as smooth as possible!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Stay at Home Mom


  1. Travel Mug —

    When we aren’t in the house, we are on the move! The last thing you want is an unexpected spill to put you behind schedule. You also don’t have time to keep warming up your coffee or wasting money by throwing out a good cup because it got cold. This stylish mug keeps your cold/hot drink regulated for up to 12 hours, has a strainer for loose leaves tea and fruit water infusions, and of course looks soooo cute in this pink.

    Double Wall Vacuum Travel Mug

    Other colors and patterns are available.

  2. A Planner —

    Writing down tasks makes a world of difference in productivity. Lists are your friend! There’s no way I’d remember everything I needed to do for my son, the house, blogging, and my business without a planner!

    Paper Source 2017 12 Month Daily Planner

    RELATED READING If you are interested in ways to get organized as a stay at home mom, I put a post on the blog recently to give you a bit of guidance.

  3. Stylish Diaper Bag — If you have little ones, a diaper bag is necessary every time you leave the house! I can’t count the amount of times I was making a quick run to Target ( less than 5 minutes from my house BTW) and Dominic pooped as soon as we got into the store. It’s all in a day’s work of being a mom. To reduce the amount of bags I have to walk around with, I use Dominic’s diaper bag to hold the items I’d need my purse to hold. I fell in love with this Kate Spade diaper bag that’s stylish enough to look like a purse as well.

    Kate Spade

  4. Smart Watch —

    Perfect for those SAHM’s that can’t seem to get a hold of their schedule and make it anywhere on time. The beauty of the smart watch is it’d be able to keep up with the other parts of your life as well such as fitness and more.

    Apple Watch

  5. Starbucks gift card —

    We both know the modern SAHM has to indulge in a bit of a pick me up. A gift card is perfect because you know that as a SAHM you’ll actually use it.

  6. Comfy Slippers–

    A good deal of time as a SAHM is spent in the house. No reason why you can’t be comfortable and cute at the same time.

    Faux Fur Slide Sandal

    RELATED READING If you love these slide sandals, I put together a list of some FAB fur pieces that would be perfect to stay warm and stylish this cold season.

  7. Pajamas–

    If you are anything like me, you aren’t getting dressed up everyday just to sit in the house with the little one. For those days you don’t have to leave the house, a pair of cute pajamas is required!

    Love PJs

  8. Tablet–

    There are SO many ways that a tablet can be aid in a SAHM’s day.

    • Conduct business around the house when you don’t want to be weighed down by your laptop.
    • Track your calendar to make sure you’re on schedule for appointments.
    • Play music while you perform chores.
    • Play shows for your little one to keep them occupied during chores. My son absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! All I have to do is play this on our  tablet and I’m free to get a few things done while he’s occupied.

      Apple Ipad Air

      I prefer Apple tablets as I’ve had the most success with their brand.

What’s Next?

Contrary to what everyone likes to think, being a SAHM is not the easiest job. Whenever I know I’m dealing with a hectic day, all of these items play a part in ensuring I make it through the day without losing my mind.

Are there any other items you know a SAHM would need? I’d love to hear. I’m always looking for new items to help me stay on track as a SAHM.

Up next on the blog will be a few more holiday gift guides and the holiday decor in the Ivory house! I’m still working on finishing our house but it should be completed this weekend.







7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern SAHM”

  1. I love these! Couldn’t agree more, these are essentials. 🙂 Being a mom is hard work, so why shouldn’t we treat ourselves..especially this time of year. I also adore that planner!
    happy holidays. <3

  2. I have no idea what I’d do without my planner. Literally. My planner has EVERYTHING. If I lost it, I’d be screwed haha it’ll be crucial when our baby arrives.

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