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Can you guess the absolute greatest thing about the arrival of constant low temperatures, windy days, and snowstorms? Of course, the opportunity to SLAY in some cold weather fashion.





FUR BABY!img_20161020_141539

All of these fabrics make their wardrobe debut as soon as fall arrives and temperatures begin to drop. Fur is pretty much one of my favorite fabrics. It drives my family crazy with the way I’m obsessed with fur. Faux fur has pretty much been on any and every winter style piece I’ve owned.

*Cues Music*

“Apple Bottom Jeans. Boots with the Furrr…”

*You’ve just reached your daily limit of corny! haha! LOL”

Does this sound familiar? FloRida could have been talking about me ( minus the Apple bottom brand) with the way my fur obsession runs deep. There has been fur on my purses, boots, coats, shawls.. You name it. I’ve owned at least one piece with fur on it.


Buffalo’s first drop of snow inspired me to put together a list of faux furs that are absolutely must haves for the upcoming months. Whether you are a fur addict like myself or even a fashion beginner daring to try something different, at least one of these fur pieces will be ideal for you.

13 Faux Fur Pieces You Will LOVE


  1. Clutch 
  2. Beige Coat
  3. Mauve Coat
  4. Faux Fur Stole
  5. Pearl Ear Muffs
  6. Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie
  7. Long Sleeve Faux Fur Coat
  8. Faux Fur Wrist Cuff Warmers
  9. Faux Fur Headband Warmer
  10. Fleece Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie
  11. Black and Pony Fur Leopard Print Clutch
  12. Faux Fur Vest
  13. Faux Fur Infinity Scarf
  14. Faux Fur Slide Sandal


It was so much fun coming up with this list. I’m so tempted to even purchase a few for myself. A good deal of the options are very budget friendly ( below $30 yay!). There’s no way that any one looking for a fur style piece this fall/winter can’t find something from the list. Then again, I’m more than biased. Haha!

Okay, okay. Enough of the jokes. I truly hand picked these babies based on pieces that follow the below criteria.

  1. I’d wear it myself.
  2. It will provide great versatility for styling
  3. Any level of fashionista can wear it.

Someone who has never worn fur or kept up with fashion trends can rock something off of this list!.


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In the past month, I scored the most amazing style indulgence at a great discount price. This will be featured on the blog within the next couple of weeks. I’m also putting together a few gift guides and shopping aids for holiday shopping. You know the deal. Stay tuned!





2 thoughts on “14 Faux Fur Pieces Perfect for the Cold”

  1. Love the faux fur pink coat and the beige coat! Oh my goodness, I love all your picks. Great piece to have fun dressing up in. Thank you for sharing.

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