Holidays mean so much more to our family since Baby D’s arrival. We can’t resist making as many memories as we possibly can. *Insert sarcastic voice* Heaven forbid, I don’t have any baby pictures to play the embarrassing mom and show his future wife when he brings her home.


I know, I know. You’re probably like “typical new mom”. If that’s what you were thinking, then you are SO right! And, I don’t feel guilty about it at all haha! My hubby has already zoned out my typical mommy rants and desire to capture every single moment.Yes, I’m THAT mom that takes pictures of every thing Baby D does. He’s just growing so fast!


I couldn’t resist the opportunity to dress up our family for the Halloween festivities. Just another photo op that I’ll have to add to Baby D’s ever growing photo album.  I actually wanted to dress Baby D as Mickey Mouse for Halloween. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his absolute favorite show. He’ll ignore me for hours if Mickey Mouse is on the TV. Sadly, Party City was out of this costume! This is where our animal theme for our Halloween costumes came about.


For obvious reasons, there are but so many activities we can do with an infant on Halloween. The best way we could celebrate was going for a walk in the city sightseeing all of the decorated houses and trick or treaters. We still had a blast! It just goes to show how much fun you can have when you have the right company. Babe & I loved watching the older kids in their costumes moving from house to house hoping for the mother load of candy. It’s still hard to believe that Dominic will be one of those trick or treaters in no time.


Dominic’s costume was the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Babe was some sort of wild animal to go along with Baby Dom’s wolf costume. His costume is what compromise looks like when mom wants the family to have a cohesive look but this is all Party City had left LOL. Sadly, the Litte Red Riding Hood cape was out of stock so I ended up being a fox. Hey, you make do with what’s available.


I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment of our first Halloween as a family. I’m pretty sure Dominic was unbothered for most of the festivities. Even still, it was glad to get out of the house and make a few quick memories. Who knows what we’ll be next year? All I know is this momma is going to plan ahead. Dominic will finally be up walking and aware of what is going on. It’ll definitely have to be EPIC!





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