This city girl went apple picking for the first time! Boy, was it fun! Our family had the opportunity to visit Becker Farms with friends over the weekend.Becker Farms is actually a farm, vineyard, and brewery combined into one. There is something at Becker’s for everyone in the family. We look forward to adopting this as an annual family tradition. Continue reading to read all about our trip and everything Becker Farms has to offer.


All You Need to Know About Becker Farms

This farm beauty is located in Gasport, New York. It is a 5th generation family owned farm whose harvest includes a variety of fruits and pumpkins. Guests have the ability to pick their own fruits based on what is currently in season. With the purchase of a small picking bag, visitors can spend hours on the farm selecting fruits to their heart’s content. The vineyards, Vizcarra Vineyards, offers wine trails, wine tasting, and so much more!  Their brewery, Becker Brewing Co., offers local beers and ciders to the farm’s visitors. The brewery offers live entertainment in addition to the divine tastes of their special brews.You have the ability to check out this Western New York gem year round with friends and family for one heck of an experience.


Our Visit to the Farms

Oh man, I can’t wait to go back! I’m already trying to convince the hubster to go back again next weekend. We arrived early afternoon at the farm to meet our friends for apple picking. There is a tractor that takes you from the main site to the farms for picking. An adventure is an understatement.


You wouldn’t believe the rows of apples that awaits once you get off the tractor. I have to be honest. I didn’t even know there were such a variety of apples. Imagine the different kinds of red apples alone. Sheesh! It’s way more fun just tasting them all! Dominic loved it. I even snuck him a few apples to suck on.


Apple picking lasted about two hours before we started to feel exhausted. We had bags on bags of apples that showed just how much fun we had picking apples. It was time to go back to the main site.


Becker’s Brewery was our next stop to regroup and rest for a bit. A live band played in the background while us adults sipped on brews and wine. The kids were able to enjoy ice cream in the meantime. Before we left, Dominic and I took a few pictures on this cool wagon near the vineyards.


This turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable for the both of us. I was a bit hesitant to go out of my comfort zone at first. My expectations have been more than surpassed. The staff were extremely helpful and attentive. It’s more than enough activities to make it a family fun day. Dominic had a blast. He slept all the way home. I absolutely loved their brews! What more can a mom ask for?!

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