I didn’t grow up in a household that advocated for women to stay at home. We were taught that you had to get your education, work on your career, and learn to become independent. Actually, a stay at home mom is the exact opposite of what I was taught. It’s not to say that my family didn’t approve of it. In a world that continuously made it difficult for women, my mom just wanted to make sure that we were fully equipped to take care of ourselves in any situation. So why did I decide to become a stay at home mom despite everything my upbringing taught me? Keep reading to find out what changed my mind.


What is a Stay at Home Mom?

I don’t think I truly considered the full extent of what becoming a stay at home mom would be before my child. My primary focus was trying to think what is the  best decision for my family. In all of the thinking, it never crossed my mind the way the role will impact my life, personality, and sense of self.

A stay at home mom is pretty much a jack of all trades. There is no specific job description. I don’t think it’s any task within the house that a mom can say ” uhhh that’s not in my job description” to. This job requires you to be on call 24/7 for your child’s needs and wants. Is baby having a cranky day? Does he want to be held until he decides to fall asleep? Sounds like someone is sitting with baby until he falls asleep. You can say goodbye to that perfect little schedule you had for your day.

That’s the job. Your day is completely reflective on the needs and current temperament of your child.

The Ultimate Deciding Factor

It really boiled down to one major question. Who mattered the most?

Any parent would easily know the answer. Of course, my child comes first. Parents will all tell you that your interests take a backseat once you have a child.

Yes, my career isn’t about to skyrocket while I sit at home taking care of my son. Okay, I just may loose my mind being cut off mostly from anyone who doesn’t spend majority of the day watching baby cartoons. My days pretty much blend together as it usually ends up being the same. I’m no Martha Stewart. Florence from the Jefferson’s would probably be appalled at my cleaning skills. All of this becomes irrelevant. In comparison to my child’s well being, none of this matters.


So, why exactly?

  1. My son deserves having at least one of his parents at home taking care of him and providing him the love he needs.
  2. We have no family out here where we live. Both of our families are hours away. I personally didn’t feel comfortable leaving my child at daycare with random people that I’ve never met or can trust. Don’t get me wrong. I know there are plenty of great child care providers out there. I simply couldn’t take the gamble that my son ends up with the one bad apple out of the bunch.
  3. Why miss his milestones if I don’t have to? I absolutely love being able to see him progress at an amazing rate. Happiness is being on the receiving end of my child’s smile. How can I resist seeing him grow into the person he will become?
  4. My instincts didn’t agree with going back to work. Deep in my gut, I knew the best decision would be for me to be with my son. I’m a person that prides myself on listening to my gut.

Hi, I’m a Stay at Home Mom


Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, the road to getting the hang of being a stay at home mom is far from bump free. Throw in how independent I was before becoming a stay at home mom. The road becomes a bit more bumpier than most.  I won’t pretend that I’ve perfected this. Shoot, I’m very much still in the learning stages. My hubby would surely co sign this. But, that’s okay.

I have no clue where this journey will take me or how long it will last. What I do know is that it is a no brainer that my child will always come first to me. If that means becoming a stay at home mom, then so be it. I hope this helps any ladies out there on the fence about their decision on whether to go back to work or become a stay at home mom. My advice to you is this. Make the best choice for your family, your child, and also yourself. That’s the best that you could possibly do.







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