We have all heard of the super mom with her perfect makeup, dressed to kill in heels, effortlessly checking off her to do list one task at a time.  Heaven forbid, she breaks a sweat. Why don’t we ever hear about the moms that struggle to maintain any kind of structure in their house while taking care of their little one? I was the mom hopped up on Starbucks coffee struggling to find time to keep the house clean while keeping my baby in a clean pair of clothes minus drool and poop. Most days, I was two seconds from losing it.

Don’t for a minute think you will have it all together as soon as your little one arrives. Some things you simply have to learn as you go. I can’t tell you how to be a mother. Heck, I wouldn’t want to. I can give you new moms some organization tips to give you better control over your day. I no longer need Starbucks coffee or stay in my pajamas all day. I must be doing something right! Keep reading to find out what exactly.

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Buy yourself a planner!

” That won’t work!”

“Really, that’s it?”

Don’t think. Just do it. You have to start somewhere. The first couple of months were a blur for me. My days pretty much blended together. I can’t tell you the amount of days that hubby came home and I didn’t get anything accomplished. The feedings every two hours, bath time for each of us, and the smallest nap zapped all of my free time. I barely even remembered any of my errands or tasks outside of the baby’s needs. This all changed once I bought a planner and starting writing down everything.

Write it down!

I’m not saying that I accomplish everything on the list every single day. The planner makes me way more effective than if I would have tried to just wing it. Writing down your errands and tasks constantly reminds you what needs to be done. This way, you can prioritize your tasks based on the  time you have available and it’s priority level.

Plan Ahead!

You’d be surprise how much time the simplest tasks takes now that you have your little one.You’ll struggle to just accomplish the simplest tasks. Well, that’s how it was for me. There were a lot of sleepless nights, late appointments, and a boatload of money spent at Starbucks.

I wouldn’t have guessed that a 10 minute store run would now be a hour out of my day. The baby needs to be dressed. His diaper has to be changed. The diaper bag needs to be packed. I have to find his carrier and make sure I don’t forget it. Baby Dominic needs to be put in the car seat. At the store, I have to take him out his car seat and put him in his carrier. Lord knows, I can’t forget his diaper bag. All of this is BEFORE the store run. You’re exhausted just reading it, right? Having a little one requires you plan ahead.

Give yourself wiggle room!

The amount of extra time you allow in your schedule to accommodate your new addition should depend on your task and preferences. If you are going to an appointment, give yourself an extra 10 minutes post arrival to get the baby situated in his stroller. Are you going for a quick store run? Make sure you know the amount of time you’ll be spending out of the house and plan accordingly. If you are going to be out of the house more than 2 hours, you should start preparing bottles to take with you. Planning ahead and giving yourself time does two things. It reduces the stress of your day. Also, it allows you to have an accurate picture of the amount of tasks you will actually accomplish.

It’s a learning curve!

If you take anything from this post, take this. Don’t be too hard on yourself! The worst thing you could do is compare yourself to other moms or harp on your mistakes. Becoming a mom changes almost every aspect of your life. Each baby is different which plays a big part in how you tackle your schedule. Make sure you are catering all of the advice you read to your personal journey. If you end up late to a few appointments, don’t stress. You never got to do some of the errands you had planned for the day. It’s OKAY! Learn from the disasters to help you prepare for better organization in the future. Trust me, dwelling is pretty much counter productive.

Roll with it!

Life happens and there is nothing you can do about it. While writing this post, Dominic woke up and began to cry. He wouldn’t go back to sleep unless I was holding him. So what did I do? I held him with my left hand while writing this post with my right hand. You’ll learn to improvise as well over time. Did completing this post take longer than if he would have continued to sleep on his own? Heck yea! The post still needed to be completed. He still needed to be put back to sleep. Being a mom means you do what you have to do. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying you’ll learn to make it easier.

Stay Organized!

This topic hits home personally for me. I’m far from the kind of gal that has it together. Having a baby surely didn’t help the matter.It’s hard enough keeping track of myself. I’ve never been good with being on time, getting organized, or staying on top of things. After having a baby, it can get a bit hectic trying to keep track of your life while adjusting the your new addition. A couple of months passed before I even found any sense of organization. Thankfully, these tips allowed me to feel as if I had control of my day. I’m no longer winging it and simply hoping things work itself out. With these few tips, I’m ready to succeed but prepared if I fail.

Hopefully, you too can learn with these tips. Life is about adjustment. The tips within this post will allow you to adjust to your new role while still taking care of business.

I wish you the best of luck!




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  1. Staying organized is a struggle for me, even though I love the process of getting there! A planner has been a really helpful tool for me, too!

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