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Labor day has finally passed. Summer is officially over. Fall is coming which means something great is right on the horizon. You got that right. Fall fashion is officially here. The cloudy season arriving means more than apple cider, Halloween costumes, and cuddly weather. It’s now time for cozy sweaters, knee high boots, and cute leather jackets. I’m beyond geeked. I’ve always been obsessed with Fall fashion.

We can count on the usual fall fashion to be in style. Sweaters and knee high boots are always a must. But, what else is in this season? I’ve been so inspired by all that I’ve found thus far. Keep reading to find out how to get your closet ready for Fall 2016.


Suede Has Been Resurrected!



For this trend, my favorite has been the suede skirts. I definitely have to get my mommy closet one of these for sure. From what I’ve seen, you are far from limited with this Fall trend. Pants. Skirts. Shoes. It’s all in style. Make it your own! Check the link above for some suede recommendations to add to your closet!



Lacy Lover Black Lace Choker Necklace


I know what you’re probably thinking. Wasn’t that so 90s with Spice Girls and Britney Spears? Let me be the one to tell you. The girl power era’s favorite trend has made it into 2016. Make it look modern by choosing a sleek and simple option. I’d suggest a dark colored one to prevent you from looking like a throwback. Colors like black and burgundy says I’m here, in style, and chic as can be.

Peep Toe Boots


Steve Madden Women’s Forsaken Peep-Toe Bootie

I personally haven’t tried out this trend yet. I’d say its one of those trends you either love or hate. It’sĀ  a blend between hot and cold weather footwear. I’d recommend you use this trend to transition into colder weather. It would be extremely hard to still bring these babies out once there is even a glimpse of real cold.

Lucite Heels


Thigh High Over Knee Lucite Clear Block Chunky Heel Boot

Personally, I’ve always thought clear heels were a sure sign of hooker heels. Cliche much? Surprisingly, this has surfaced as one hot trend this year.Now, this one takes a bit of finesse. You don’t want a cheap pair of this trend and end up looking like you belong on the pole. With the right pair, you can look like you belong in a magazine. I personally love the boots with lucite heels. It more shows a sense of fashion.

Pleats Aren’t Just For Your Grandma!


White Contrast Polka Dot Print Maxi Skater Skirt

I’m talking regal looking, maxi length kind of pleats. I’ve been seeing bits and pieces here and there that suggest this is definitely hot this season. I myself have worn pleated skirts for years. Guess who’s happy to bring out those old clothes? This is the beauty of fashion. Some trends are always going to resurface. It’s just a gamble predicting which ones it’ll be.

Tie Dye Is Still In!


Contemporary Surrealist Tie-Dye Top

Do you remember I told you that this was a trend this summer? I even showed you guys a few recommendations to fit the summer fashion. Well, this trend is here to stay. It has fashionably transitioned into fall fashion. If you got anything that can be re-purposed for this season, I’d suggest you grab it.

Fall Fashion Recap

This season’s new trends are awaiting your creativity! I’m already plotting on the looks that I know I want to create. Are there any trends you know you want to try? Any super stylists out there wanting to combine a few of these? Thankfully, we have a whole season to try to wow everyone with our stylish choices.



16 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Hottest Fashion Trends!”

  1. Great post! I can’t believe the choker has made its way back! Seeing it in the magazines seems so unreal. I was a total 90’s kid so I had a ton of them. I feel so old now lol

  2. Oh perfect! I have a gorgeous pair of grey suede boots that i can get out of my cupboard! I’m curious to try chokers, but i haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet.

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