It’s always a task attempting to summarize our family trips. There are always so many good memories. Where do I even begin? I decided to break down our two week vacation by topic to make it easier on myself and less boring on you guys. Considerate much? haha! Anyways, back to business. Sadly, I can’t say we had much opportunity to dine out while in Washington. Thankfully, we were able to explore some new spots in good ol’ Brooklyn. You would never know I lived there most of my life. There is always new restaurants to check out and up and coming places to be. Keep reading to find out the little gems we discovered while staying in the home of legendary B.I.G.



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Where: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Appearance: Looking in, this combination of eats appears to look like your run of the mill warehouse. The restaurant name on the entrance is your only clue to what lies behind the doors of this home of yummy tastes. You walk in to what appears to be a chic cafeteria with a variety of vendors. Inside includes a beer garden, coffee spot, and so much more. This is the kind of place you enter at 4 pm for lunch, stay for drinks, and sober up with coffee to end the night.

Cuisine: As I mentioned before, there were a variety of vendors and cuisine choices. The variety featured cuisines such as Filipino inspired, Barb-Q plates, and even Italian organic.

Review: I visited this restaurant with hubby & my mother. We each tried something different yet equally loved this place. We decided to each try a dish at the Filipino inspired vendor. I ordered these lovely sticky wings that almost had me licking my fingers. Looking at the menu, I wasn’t necessarily estatic but the dish exceeded my wildest dreams. Hubby & Mom’s dishes were a bit more specific. This vendor we ordered from allowed you to create bowls and signature dishes with a Filipino flair. Babe ordered us a few beers from the beer garden which resembled Stellas. Refreshing would be an understatement. All in all, I was more than pleased with this dining experience. We will definitely be stopping here again our next time visiting Brooklyn

Brooklyn Crab

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Where: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

Appearance: Babe commented that this spot looked like it belonged in Myrtle Beach as soon as we stumbled upon it. This is definitely your summer beach shack. It is dripping in decorations reflecting a hot summer day on the beach. Passing ships and the water view are less than a block away. You can see it from the outdoor balcony adding to the restaurant’s ambiance. It’s decor and theme brightens even the dullest day. Luckily, it is open year round.

Cuisine: Calling this restaurant a seafood spot would be¬† inadequate. It’s the place to be to find your tasty cuisine from below sea level.

Review: Tasty! Tasty! Oh yea, did I mention tasty? The food was great. We each ordered a combination of crabs including Alaskan King and Snow Crab. This was served in addition to cole slaw and corn. You had the opportunity to order your crab pot either original, cajun, or with a garlic butter flavor. In my opinion, I would have hoped for a bit more for my buck. I’ll be honest and admit I can binge on seafood for hours. So, I’d suggest you take my recommendation with a a grain of salt. Overall, we enjoyed our stay. We went during the day and had remarkable customer service. The staff ensured we were always comfortable especially our infant in the sun. Our waiter was personable and transparent with his recommendations so we could make the best menu decisions. If you are stopping by Brooklyn, you won’t be disappointed with the service, taste, or location.

Morgan BBQ

You know it's a good timewhen you forget to take pictures

Where: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Appearance: Nightfall had already begun by the time we stumbled on this foodie spot. There were loads of people seated outside laughing, eating, and enjoying the feel of the place. It was clear this place was worth trying out. While picturing this place, be sure to include a bunch of smiles, bright lights, and an awesome playlist on the speaker. This barn look alike in the middle of the city proved to be a BBQ delight.

Cuisine: As the namesake mentioned, this is a BBQ spot. After trying the food, you will learn, this is THE BBQ spot.

Review: Personally, I didn’t have high expectations of this spot. It’s not that I thought it to be trash. I’ve simply been to a lot of low key restaurants and didn’t anticipate this being anything worth mentioning. Oh, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their music was excellent. The bar tender was more than friendly with the drinks . Our waitress was lovely. The food was finger licking good. How they managed to make our wings flavorful, addicting, and filling at the same time is beyond me. Each of us ordered small meals resembling appetizers but walked away full and happy. I love finding a place I can enjoy myself, fill my tummy, and drink merrily.

 Restaurants of Brooklyn

As you can see, Brooklyn is the stomping grounds of awesome restaurants hidden within the city’s busy movement. It’s amazing to me that I can still visit Brooklyn, a place I grew up in, and find new must see restaurants. Only an progressive and trend leading place such as Brooklyn can continuously surprise me years later. I hope you guys make it your mission to try out new places while visiting Brooklyn as well. This borough is sure to light your taste buds on fire. Don’t miss out! Hopefully, one or all of these restaurants manage to land on your bucket list after reading this article. Enjoy and explore all Brooklyn restaurants have to offer on each visit. I wish you the greatest cuisine experience ever.





10 thoughts on “A Bite of Brooklyn: Reviews of Chic Restaurants”

  1. I once ate at a restaurant in Pensacola FL that looked just like the Brooklyn Crab!! I sure wish my hubby like to travel, I would hit up these restaurants after your glowing review!!

    1. Glad you liked it! Brooklyn definitely had such a great selection of restaurants. You could never try them all in one visit. Hopefully, you get to travel soon!

  2. Thank you for this post! I’m from Long Island, but have really yet to explore Brooklyn and all it has to offer! Everything looks so good!!

    1. I’m glad I was able to help! I grew up in Brooklyn but there are so many new restaurants that opened in the last 5 years I’ve been gone. They are definitely worth a visit

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