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Heya!! How are you ladies doing today? It’s been so hectic these past few weeks. Our family has been on vacation for the past two weeks ( posts coming soon! ).  We have been traveling back and forth between NYC and Washington State which was both exciting and exhausting! I am more than happy to be back in our home, in my pajamas, drinking my latte out of my favorite mug. I noticed a stye pattern while going through our pictures from our vacation. I’ll give you a hint. Each look includes a certain cute little purse. Keep reading to see the style pattern I stumbled upon in my vacay pictures!

My Style


Usually, I am queen of mix matching & bright colors. I’m a sucker for expressing my vibrant personality through my style. This wasn’t the case as much for my vacation style surprisingly. Trust me, you rarely find my outfits in the “matching from head to toe” category. It’s nothing wrong with those who do dress that way. I just prefer to have a little sparkle in my outfits! Imagine my surprise when I realize on three random days of my vacation I was wearing predominantly blue and orange! Keep scrolling to see the details & even see some options for yourself.

The Focus: A Purse

Each photo includes a pop of orange thanks to my new little purse. I actually scored it at Target right before I went on vacation. It makes me so happy to know I definitely got my money’s worth out of it. I don’t believe I paid more than 11 bucks for this baby on sale. By now, you guys should be able to tell I am a bonafide Target addict! I surely can’t resist style on sale. Can you?! Target doesn’t seem to be offering this cutie anymore sadly. I did find a replica at Amazon just in case you ladies wanted the look!

orange 1

This purse is a little under $25

Option 1

orange 2

Option 2

I believe this option was around $40 bucks.

The Outfits

All three of the outfits each have blue clothing with the orange purse serving as the accent color. When you are on vacation, it is crucial that you are able to recreate different outfits with very limited pieces. My babe packs like Madonna going on tour. No seriously! This leaves little room for me to pack everything I want without us spending years at the airport checking in heaps of luggage. Hope you enjoy the looks I put together while soaking up some sun during our summer vacation.

A Pop Of Life(2)

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A Pop Of Life2


A Pop Of Life(1)


It was definitely fun styling my Target purse. The looks above were so fun creating. Each was low maintenance but super stylish. This is so ideal for my style as I am still adjusting to having a new baby. I can’t wait to see what other style challenges I can accomplish. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll style a jacket?! Stay tuned!



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