This week was Dominic’s first flight! For those a bit confused, Dominic is my lovely two month son. We ended up flying out to the other side of the country for a family wedding on babe’s side. As much as I was totally excited for the trip, I was unenthusiastic about the flight. Who wants to fly with a baby on a flight totaling over 6 hours?! I absolutely hate being in a confined space with a cranky baby.  No way was I trying to be that mom on the flight with the screeching infant.  So, how did I prepare? Keep reading to hear my preparations for this long ordeal.


Don’t you dare step on that plane with a hungry infant!

Hunger is usually one of the most common triggers for an infant’s fussiness. The last thing you want is to board the plane with your infant hungry around unfamiliar territory. Be sure to feed him right before the plane. This way, your infant will be fed and content. I’d say that’s the best way to start a new experience for the baby.

Where is that sucker?!

My son loves his pacifier. Thankfully, my son is usually pretty content as long as he’s fed, has his pacifier, and has a dry diaper ( bringing me to the next tip).  I know there has been a lot of mixed reviews from some moms who don’t want their baby to have a pacifier. In my personal experience, it could make a world of difference. My son’s pediatrician even recommends having the pacifier for sucking separate from feeding purposes. Trust me, the plane’s passengers will thank you!

No wet ones!

Ensure you change your baby’s diaper right before boarding. If your infant is anything like my son, it’ll probably be wet again very soon. Either way, start off the flight with a dry diaper. The last thing you want is your baby sitting in a wet or even poopy diaper before liftoff into the clouds. Your infant is already going to be nervous. Don’t make him nervous and uncomfortable.

Bring something familiar.

This could be anything that you know calms your infant down. It could be a blanket, toy, or even something of yours. The best solution for this new experience is to comfort the baby as much as possible. Providing something familiar on the flight will remind your infant that it’ll be okay.

All you need is love!

Lastly, make sure your baby is being surrounded with love and attention. Cuddling the infant or kissing him lets the infant know that you are right there through it all. My son loves when I stroke his hair calmly. I made sure to do this during takeoff and landing as I know it will keep him calm and relaxed.


I know you moms are probably like “That’s all I need to do?!” The answer is YES!

I can’t stress enough that your baby’s comfort is the key to making sure the flight is as painless as possible. At the end of the flight, everyone kept reminding me how great a baby I had. While of course I agree ( my baby is awesome duh xx! ), I know my preparation had a lot to do with it. With an infant sitting on your lap for hours at a time, the last thing you want is for him to be fussy. Take the extra time out to prepare and spare everyone including yourself, the pain of having to listen to a fussy baby. Hope this helps you ladies! I surely appreciate being able to enjoy my son’s first flight in peace and quiet!






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