Last week, babe & I were cuddled up in the bed watching Netflix. Binge watching has become one of our favorite indoor “date nights”. This time turned out hilariously differently. In the middle of “How to Get Away with Murder”, I wanted to get a little bit more comfortable. I started to move over and BAM! My foot grazed babe on his leg. Let’s just say my feet hasn’t received some TLC in a while haha. Poor thing.  Of course, my funny man cracked a few jokes on my sand paper feet.

It made for a great joke for us to share. But, no one wants to keep having sand paper feet! Am I right ladies? It was a no brainer. A solution was needed definitely. Thanks to Amazon Prime, it took no time at all to completely fix. Keep reading to learn how I gave my feet a much needed pedicure!


What’s A Girl to Do?

The quick solution would have been to just get a pedicure at a salon. Thirty bucks later and I would have felt like a new woman. Listen. I love getting pampered as much as the next girl. Okay, Okay, maybe a little more than the next girl haha. Either way, this was only a temporary solution. I wanted something that I could use even when there wasn’t extra money around to dedicate to some TLC.  Amazon has been my latest addiction lately. Their free two day shipping has been a heaven send. It was only natural that I checked Amazon to see what I could find.

I ended up scoring this Electric Callus Remover for a little under $20. Usually I am a bit of a budget nancy. I absolutely love saving money and getting quality items for the low low. Most would see paying $20 as a cheap purchase. My inner budget nancy cringed at the idea. I rationalized the purchase as it was cheaper than a pedicure and would provide a long term solution. Investment much?!


The Results

I can honestly say I was amazed by the quality of the purchase.  I used the callus remover after a 15 minute shower. The results were pretty great especially for the price. The device has even made my feet softer than some pedicures I’ve had in the past. I know you ladies have all experienced a bad pedicure before. It’s nothing more annoying than splurging on some TLC and treating yourself to a pedicure just to leave the nail salon unsatisfied. The beauty of purchasing this device is you can reuse it to your personal satisfaction if the first time isn’t a success.

Two roller sizes are included in addition to the actual electronic device. It’s available in a baby blue and a soft pink. The directions recommended soaking your feet for about 30 minutes prior to use. I used the remover after only soaking my feet for half that time ( in the shower) and still received good results. In under a minute, there was a clear difference in my feet before and after use. This leaves me pretty optimistic about the quality of the purchase.

A Job Well Done

Thanks to this mini pedicure in a box, I can rest comfortably that we won’t have any more of those embarrassing incidents during cuddle time. The purchase has left me with softer feet, an addition to my beauty arsenal, and an overall great experience. Tatyanna recommended definitely! Be sure to scoop this beauty up if you are looking for a long term solution and don’t have the time or funds to catch a pedicure often.



12 thoughts on “Get Your At Home Pedicure in SECONDS!”

    1. It totally is! I was able to do it while watching Netflix after a shower. It was so comforting to do it at home!

  1. Great tip! I love pedicures! I have one of these at home and I’ve been using it a few times but I think that i like better the shower pumice. I use it at the shower and it does an excellent job! 🙂

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