There I was on my phone on Instagram per the usual. My ringtone dinged to let me know I had some new email to check. Sitting there in my inbox was a brand spanking new email from one of my favorite brands, Shoedazzle. They were having a mid summer shoe sale with prices beginning at $5.99! Lately, I’ve been trying to resist shopping but I couldn’t pass up some $5 heels. I’m always a sucker for a great sale. Check out below to see some new shoes I scored this past week 🙂



Chunky platform heels are my preferred choice for casual dates and events such as brunch. It’s casual enough for a day out with the girls and stylish enough for a date with babe for lunch. I try my best to stock up on these to give myself some day heel options. These babies were $5.99.


This pair of shoes is my absolute favorite! It’s screams my name. Cheetah stilettos? Uh yeah! I actually already wore these for last weekend’s date night with babe. It was the cutest thing that babe noticed the new shoes as well. When you’re in a relationship, it’s nice when your significant other notices your effort. He even surprised me by knowing that new shoes need to be broken in. A man after my own heart I tell you haha.

I just couldn’t wait until posting this shoe haul to wear these heels. Check out how I chose to style these beautiful darlings. I also purchased this large purse from ShoeDazzle during the sale as well . It was originally supposed to be $60 and I scored it for a little under $8. I paired it with these $6 heels. This look just seemed to come together. Sadly, I couldn’t find them any longer on the site for you guys.


More than 50% off!

These vibrant ones aren’t from ShoeDazzle. Last week, I scored these while scouring the clearance section in Target. I was able to get them for about $15 bucks. The color was just asking me to take them home. I haven’t decided how I would wear these yet. They are surely the perfect summer heel.



I purchased the above shoe as well but didn’t really like the way it looked in person. I’ve been lusting after it for about a year so imagine my disappointment. These will be sent back for sure.


If you are not familiar with ShoeDazzle, I’d suggest you take a look. Their VIP sales usually have some great scores at reasonable prices. They are a subscription based website so it’s an option to have your account charged monthly $40 to have as a credit. Believe me, it isn’t a requirement though. You can opt out every month by the 5th to avoid a charge. This way you still have access without giving up your coins before your budget allows. I can’t wait to brainstorm how I’m going to style the remaining two pairs of shoes. Of course I’ll let you guys take a look once I decide!



8 thoughts on “ShoeDazzle + Other Hot Brands Summer Shoe Haul”

  1. Target ones are to die for!

    Also have a constructive note: could you do text size a bit bigger because it is kind of hard on the eyes (a bit too small).

    Great post!

    1. Thanks! Target always has some really great finds..Thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure to update it. I love hearing feedback xx

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