I’d say it is becoming easier to get into the swing of parenthood. My body is adjusting to basically no sleep and the melodic sounds of my child’s cries LOL.  Since we are getting used to it now, it’s easier to put back our date nights on the calendar. I am a first believer that couples should aim to have weekly date nights minimum. Check out below for details on our date and my look of the night.



Last night, we dined at PF Changs. Their calamari stole my heart. I would definitely recommend it to any fellow seafood lover. Deric had this Mongolian beef that was literally to die for! I was in his plate all night. I know I’m not the only girlfriend guilty of this haha. It’s not my fault he makes such awesome choices in selecting his food.



After, we caught GhostBusters on the big screen at the movies for the midnight show. It was a cute movie. We had a few laughs here and there. I mostly went out of support for Leslie Jones. With all the negativity surrounding her participation in the movie, I had to support my fellow black woman.



Dress: Target

( on Clearance for $19.58 with a 20% discount bringing it to a little under $16)

Shoes: Shoedazzle

( Mid Summer Sale for $5.99)

Purse: ShoeDazzle


Stay tuned for my upcoming haul this week! I received some goodies last week!




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