Imagine my surprise when this month’s Forbes issue landed at my door with Kim Kardashian on the cover. I knew she created a brand off her life but was it really at the Forbes recognition stage? I couldn’t resist reading the article that landed her in a magazine catered to the financially literate. Apparently, the mobile app she launched last year made approximately $160 million in revenue securing about $45 million for herself. This is when I pick my jaw up off the floor and figure out what the heck is going on here! Let me find out I need to make a call to Kris Kardashian. You have to know she’s the brains behind the Kardashian empire. I’m just saying.

I won’t pretend that I’ve been the biggest Kardashian fan. I can respect the hustle of those ladies but could never really get myself into their come up. After reading that $45 mil was made off a game app alone, I can’t help but tip my hat in respect. Say what you want about Kim Kardashian. That lady is cashing in those coins. I can always give credit when it is due. The lady has found another way to cash major checks off the image she has created for the world to obsess over.

As a blogger, this gives me inspiration. Ultimately, the brand I am creating will determine the success of my blog. To think Kim K used an old sex tape and some awesome selfie shots to launch a worldwide brand that continues to bring in money. I won’t pretend that I want to be her BFF. Or even that I respect all of her decisions or opinions. Far from it! But this lady definitely deserves recognition as a #girlboss. We could all take notice how self promotion and brand management can go a long way in changing the outcome of our bank account.

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