I’ve gotten pretty lazy with maintaining my natural hair in the past few months. It mostly started during my pregnancy. Between the sleepless nights, swollen feet, and emotional roller coasters, nobody had time for that. Now as a mom to a newborn, I’m still faced with the same struggle. Exhaustion pretty much keeps me from being enthusiastic about wash days and hair treatments. Sooooo, why not try some new hairstyles that give me a break from the day to day styling? I needed something low maintenance, budget friendly ( hello! I just had a newborn), and of course stylish. This brings me to today’s review post on Big Beautiful Hair. Check it out!

–First Impression–

My first impression of this hair was in the beauty supply store on a wig head. I definitely was hooked on sight. Whoever styled that mannequin’s head had me like YAAASSSSS LOL! It definitely paid homage to it’s name showing the big beautiful curls. Picture Diana Ross’ hair in like the Supreme days. As a naturalista, I was in love. A major pro for this hair was the price. The natural hair brand promotes being able to create your whole hairstyle using only one pack. To make this even more awesome, the pack was only $20! Can you believe it?! I haven’t seen anything like it this budget friendly in any stores! I ended up with the 3C Whirly hair which refers to the curl pattern if you are a natural hair newbie. The brand offered curl patterns varying from wavy to curly to coily. I chose 3C Whirly as I wanted something that was similar to my own natural hair curl pattern.

_I received nothing but compliments!_


I was determined to use only one pack of hair like the box stated for this hairstyle. Surprisingly, it was worked! With one pack of hair, the hairstyle came out looking full and natural. I loved it! I had my hairstylist install it as a sew-in. There wasn’t any leave out. It was our first time installing any hair like this. If you ask me, it came out great for a first time experiment. I received nothing but compliments!


I did a number of things to maintain this hair. It was great quality for it’s price but it was still only $20 hair. I slept on a satin pillowcase to make sure I didn’t dry the hair out. Every morning, I spritzed the hair with a concoction I made which included oil, conditioner, and warm water. On the box, it stresses that you shouldn’t try to style the hair while it was dry. I followed this rule. I would only play with the curls ( to make it bigger again ) after I spritzed my hair in the morning. That’s it! Besides changing my pillowcase and refreshing the curls in the morning, I didn’t really do anything with this hairstyle post installation. These low maintenance hairstyles are the kind I LOVE!

–Overall Review–


I loved this hair! I received compliments from strangers, friends, and family. It made me feel beautiful and stylish. The big hair also helped with the extra mommy weight I’ve put on.  The quality was great especially for the price. It resembled my natural curls and required very little maintenance. Trust me, I have no complaints which is extremely rare. I ended up keeping this hairstyle in for about two weeks. That may be a short time for most people. For me, that is about my peak for keeping fake hair in. About two weeks in, I’m dying to wash my real hair and get a deep conditioner for my scalp. Overall, this brand has made me a believer. I’m going to keep the hair I bought for another install. I may even try a different curl pattern or color. Who knows?!


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