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Great news! My friend is getting married early October out here in Buffalo. Guess who’s a bridesmaid?! Little ol’ me.  In my eyes, I thought that was pretty far enough to have time to plan the details out. Apparently, NOT?! I had no idea how far out these things got planned. It just dawned on me today how close that is in “wedding time”. While at the bridal shop looking for the dresses, the associates were explaining how majority of dresses are on a back order for at least 4 months. Crazy right? So the pressure is on to get everything.

I'm A

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing dress up. I spent time looking for a bridesmaid dress with some of the bridal party. Thankfully, we were pretty productive. I was able to snag a dress that looks pretty great on me. Don’t you think?! The images pictured show the dress style I selected. I’ll save the color for the big debut at the wedding! 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated on the details as it comes along. I’m always a fan of getting pretty clothes and looking cute!

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Let’s see how this goes!


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