Finally! I can tell you guys about my camping trip. Earlier this week, I lost my camera cord ( bummer!). I had to wait until a new cord came ( s/o to Amazon’s two day shipping) before I could tell you guys about my trip out in the middle of nowhere.

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Before I even go into detail, I have to be honest. If it wasn’t for alcohol and wipes, I would have had to turn around and take my butt back to civilization. I may have agreed to go camping but I never agreed to being dirty the whole time. The campgrounds we went to was literally nothing but the woods. We turned off a little dirt road right into nothing but trees and hot sun. Now maybe I’ve been watching too much TV. I had the expectations that we would be in  a cute cabin with maybe a welcome center on your way in. Nope! Nada!  You could imagine my surprise when we pulled up to an opening in between trees with a dirt pit to start the fire.


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There was initially supposed to be between 16-20 of us attending this camp trip. We attempted to get there early to ensure we got a spot big enough to accommodate all of us. Our morning was filled with creating the fire, collecting branches to sustain it, and creating a “bathroom” in a little ditch surrounded by trees. Let me give you a little secret. No one will want to go to this designated bathroom in the middle of the night by yourself in pure darkness with a coyote soundtrack going on. After this, our day was pretty chill until the rest of the group arrived. We drank some wine, okay maybe a lot of wine. I had roasted marshmallows for the first time. Then, we went exploring around the site seeing who our neighbors were and collecting more wood for the fire.

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The majority of the group trickled in around 6oclock that evening. After they prepared their tents and sleeping arrangements, the trip finally began. We played a drinking game called Flip Cup. If you’ve ever been to a frat party, you know how that game goes. You take a shot and have to flip a cup until it lands itself upside down. The next player can start once the person before them finishes. Liquor surely makes the game interesting.

We made some introductions. There was some talk and jokes around the fire. The bold ventured off into the woods after it was dark to collect more fire wood and explore. That was an event in itself. I’ve seen enough horror films to know that you don’t go wandering off after dark in an unfamiliar place with no experience. As my mama says, “Someone has to live to tell the story”. I parked my butt right where that fire was while the bold explored. Well everyone that left wasn’t too bold. There were a couple of stragglers that literally ran back for the same reasons I stayed LOL. Camping Must Have

I’ve got to say it was nice to get away from reality for a while and hang out around the fire. I enjoyed being able to kick back with friends and catch a break for a little. I kept picturing something bad would happen like getting bit my a large animal or lost in the woods with no cell connection. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I woke up at one point from growling sounds and thought a bear was about to eat us LOL. Apparently the sounds I was hearing was just my friend snoring. I can honestly say this trip was a good time. But, I’m far from becoming a country girl anytime soon. Well, not until there is some running water, an operating bathroom system, and some good ol’ AC in the woods haha.


The woods may not be my ideal vacation but it was a good introduction into taking on the wild.

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