Hey everybody! This is my first time officially introducing myself to the world. Bare with me. I’m a bit nervous. You know how it is when you move to a new place.. Haha! A little uterus humor for you. No? Not Funny? My placenta surely thought it was a hit. LMAO! I made another funny. Looks like I’ll have my mom’s sense of humor.

Baby D

I finally hit my first milestone. I’m a month old now! Well actually, I’m about 6 weeks old but my mother sucks at being on time. Hey she’s working on it!

My full name _Dominic Cameron Ivory___

This month I had my ___first smile_______

I can usually be found wearing ___navy blue____

I learned how to ___put my hands in my mouth__

My favorite show to watch ___Law & Order SVU______

My favorite thing to do is _talk with my mommy & daddy__

I look forward to getting to know you guys! Don’t all try at once. I’ll need a bit of time to work on my skills. See you guys next time I check in!

Thanks for checking on me while I adjust to my new home 🙂

Buh Bye!


Dominic 🙂


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