I survived the Lions Tigers & Bears!LOL okay. I’m exaggerating. But I’m back yall! I made it! This past weekend, I went camping out in the woods. Can you believe it?!  Little ol’ “I need a Starbucks to start off the morning”survived the trip. Everyone who knows me surely couldn’t. I admit I’m a bit bougie sometimes. My mother and boyfriend both thought I was out my mind. Who knows? I probably was haha!

I’d be lying if I said I was anything like a nature girl. I’m a NYC girl through and through. Somehow it’s easier for me to sleep through gunshots and sirens than birds chirping. My hat’s off to anyone who willingly roughs it out like that on a regular. Staying out there and sleeping in a tent wouldn’t be my top choice.  Of course I have to tell you guys all the details! Look forward to a breakdown of my escapades and some tips if you ever dare to venture into the woods yourself!


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