I don’t know why it continues to surprise me how people can consistently be ignorant in response to any kind of empowerment of black people especially in today’s societal climate. There is more than an abundance of documented instances ( even going to the length of being recorded on video) showing the variation in treatment of whites and blacks when facing similar situations. I am realistic enough to understand everyone won’t agree or even admit the unique circumstances surrounding being black in America. But, you would think that we would at least be able to empower and appreciate ourselves within our own circles. WRONG!

Let me back track before I get carried away. If you’ve been under a rock, let me fill you in on the momentous speech actor and activist, Jesse Williams, delivered on Sunday. It was one of those speeches that broke down the plight of blacks in America for everyone to understand. Or so I thought. During the BET awards, Jesse Williams was honored with the humanitarian award. He used his humanitarian speech as a platform to shed light on the injustices of blacks, discount all arguments on how great it is to be black in America right now, and call for action among other blacks and activists to help with the continuous fight for equal treatment. Social media exploded with positive feedback from the black community. He found a way to eloquently state the words our hearts felt. As a black woman and new mom to a black son, I definitely could relate to the speech.

People who couldn’t relate to the speech used this opportunity to express pure ignorance and negativity. Apparently, empowering people like himself makes Jesse Williams a racist. Twitter was full of tweets from white Americans who were upset about two things. Empowering and discussing conditions in America such as the excessive police brutality of black boys is a “no no”. Also, the BET awards was also being shown on the kids network, Nickelodeon. This was received by certain Americans as portraying “racist content” for kids to learn at a young age. I’m telling you people are just pulling some of this stuff out of their a$$ if you ask me.

Jesse Williams, this black woman and mom thanks you openly. Everything you mentioned is our reality and deserved to be highlighted especially on a platform meant for us. America tends to have a short term memory when it comes to their mistreatment of groups of people. It served them right to get a dose of reality as you stood up their proudly embracing your heritage and standing strong in your convictions. I bet that’s not what they wanted to wake up to early Monday morning.  For anyone who was offended, learn to mind your own business. If it isn’t for you, keep it pushing.

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