curry(6)It’s that time ladies. Summer time baby! As much as I love spring (s/o to my fellow Geminis who have a spring birthday too), I was itching for some summer weather. Now that the weather is finally hitting 80 degrees on a regular basis, you can’t tell me nothing. I refuse to have a bunch of clothes on in this beautiful weather. Living in Buffalo, sunny days like today are a figment of our imagination for about 90 percent of the year. What better way to appreciate our gorgeous weather than with some summer fashion?

Summer time fashion usually consists of of bold patterns, floral prints, and my favorite, bright colors! A little goes a long way with summer fashion. The simplest styles can easily be seen as fashionable with minimal accessories. If you’re bold like I am, combining an outfit similar to the photo pictured above has “you” written all over it. I can usually be found combining both colors, prints, and chunky jewelry. Trust, it’s a method to my madness. If you’re not like me, check out below for a few tips on spicing up your summer wardrobe.


  1. Summer fashion is synonymous with bold colors in my opinion. Pair a white bottom or top with a bright color such as turquoise or coral for the color shy. This way your outfit is season appropriate without being overbearing for your personality.
  2.  Gold jewelry looks amazing paired with summer colors. A statement bracelet or necklace alone can amp up the style level on the most basic outfit.
  3. Crop tops and off the shoulder tops are this season’s must haves. Paired with some classic jeans and wedge sandals, you’re summer ready.
  4. Accessories go a long way! Get you some funky shades and a cute purse for this season. This is the season to let your inner fashionista run wild and splurge on a few fun items.
  5. Maxi dresses are ALWAYS in. You can’t ever go wrong with a Maxi Dress, simple or not.
  6. Don’t be afraid to play with it. Fashion is meant to be fun. Think of summer style as the Disneyland of fashion.

Off I go to spend my little coins online shopping for some cute dresses and unique accessories. I  can’t wait to take a stab at these tips and show my fashion flair.



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