Why Maxi Dresses?

Today I’m pretty much lounging around the house and getting the house and blog in order.I’m already off to a late start so thought I’d take it easy. As chill as my day will be, I wanted an outfit that was cute but super comfortable. What better look than Maxi Dresses? Unfortunately, I’m height challenged so these dresses are usually way too long for me. Hence, my inspiration for the knot in front the dress ( as seen below). Cute and functional if you ask me. Not like I really have a choice haha. The price of being fun sized!

Maxi dresses are super low maintenance but extremely fashionable. This is exactly why they should be on every fashionista’s shopping list this summer. Check out below for the deets on my Maxi dress of the day and some recommendations.

Untitled design(13)

Today’s Maxi Dress

  The Maxi dress pictured above is from one of my absolute favorite places ever, Target. It was on sale for about $15. I am more than happy with the dress. I love the attention to detail including the distressed straps, eyelet design, and ruffled hem line. Ever since I had the baby, my boobs have been larger than usual. The dress doesn’t give me as much room on top as I would like.  I’m not complaining though as I only paid $10 out of pocket including my $5 gift card.

My wallet loved the price and I’m in love with the style. I couldn’t find this exact dress online just in case you guys wanted to scoop it up as well. Luckily, I’ve provided a few options below for you guys. Keep scrolling for some affordable Maxi dress options. There’s even an exclusive discount awaiting you!


Maxi Dress Recommendations


Tie knot maxi dress


Tie Dye Maxi Dress


Tide & Seek Maxi


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maxi asos

There is so much versatility with Maxi dresses that you can find one to suit almost any occasion. You can wear one like the tie knot maxi dress pictured for date night with your hubby. There’s even simpler options like the last dress pictured which is great for running errands. Don’t be afraid to play with your options until you find a Maxi dress after your own heart. These will definitely be in the summer rotation for my closet this year.

Hope you guys enjoy your Day! Smooches!



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