I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the one year anniversary of the nine black men and women who were killed in a Charleston church. In this day and age, so much tragedy is occurring that’s it’s easy for the new tragedy to sometimes overshadow the old. Mainstream media would love for these kind of unfortunate events to be forgotten but on this day, I refuse. It’s sad to think that justice isn’t always served, innocence people are frequently lost, and the world just isn’t fair.

facebook_1466125268110I try my best to refrain from expressing my political views for two main reasons. The first is people come from all walks of life and backgrounds which ultimately shape their points of views. Ideally we’d love to believe everyone can always see what’s right but that’s unrealistic. A good amount of people can’t see past their own subjective experiences hence the non discussion on the blog.  Another reason is how passionate people get over politics. Friendships, careers, and relationships have all ended on politics. It’s obvious why it isn’t something to discuss lightly.

While I won’t express my own political views, I would ask of you to pay attention and be conscious. The only way to combat injustice ultimately is with truth. At  A Pop Of Life, let’s take a second to acknowledge the lives lost and hope this kind of cruel crime founded in hate won’t happen again.


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