There’s nothing like finding a cute pair of boots that fits your individual style perfectly. Don’t get me started on being lucky enough to find a versatile pair. A stylish pair of boots that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion is like fashion magic. If you stumble on a pair in the store, BUY IT! Don’t pass GO. Don’t collect $200. <– ( A bit of monopoly humor for my fellow nerds LOL ) Just walk really fast to the cash register and get that pair ASAP.

5 Fun Ways to Style Knee High Boots


Boots are kind of my thing. Every fall and winter, I stock up on a variety of boots. I always end up with a new pair of knee high boots. This was my first time steering away from purchasing all black knee high boots. I just couldn’t resist these beauties. Once I tried them on in store, I knew for sure these were coming home with me! Keep reading to check out how I styled this pair of knee high boots in 5 different ways!

Off to Work


1.Pair with a button up shirt and pleated skirt. I’m totally the type of girl to rock this cute fit to work. It wasn’t totally abnormal for me to be “overdressed” for work. Hey, I loved it. You know the saying, ” It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed”. I’m well aware that this isn’t work attire for everyone.This outfit would be just as cute to hang out with friends or go out on an evening date with babe.Earlier this week, I put the style details and recommendations for this cute pleated skirt look.

Girls Night Out


2.Pair with a cute knit sweater and fitted jeans. I’d wear this casual outfit out to eat with friends to catch up at a restaurant or karaoke bar. I actually styled this outfit for my recent post on deciding to be a stay at home mom. There’s even some cute pictures of Baby D if you want to check it out.

Casual Day Out


3. Pair with a Graphic T-shirt. Are you running errands but still want to look cute? Grabbing a quick bite with family? This would be the perfect outfit to remain casual but add a bit of style. I’m a HUGE fan of Graphic Tees. Don’t be afraid to take your casual outfits to the next level! BTW.. I have NO clue what my dog, Cairo, was doing in this pic!

It’s Date Night!dscn0555-5

4. Pair with a motorcycle jacket. Babe and I love dressing up on our date nights. I’d wear these boots as pictured above with a motorcycle leather jacket and a dress to show a bit of leg. Sexy but casual enough for a date that isn’t celebrating a milestone.

Family Dinners


5. Pair with a dress. Our family is really big on finding new restaurants and trying different cuisines. My wardrobe surely enjoys having these opportunities to dress up. The lace up dress and boots outfit would be something I’d wear out with family to a restaurant favorite or new spot.

What’s After “Ways to Wear Knee High Boots”?


Let’s hope you ladies received a bit of #styleinspo from this post. Do you usually wear knee high boots? If so, I’d love to see how you style them! Up next on the blog will be a post on fall activities fun for the whole family. Can’t Wait! Until then….






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